Teams: Introducing the European Teams User Group

Thank you for your support and for your interest in the European Teams User Group!

Over the last several months, Adam (@deltanr1) and I have met so many great Teams contributors throughout the Microsoft Tech Community. They have certainly helped us in our journey with Teams! Whether it is about Governance, or the Graph, from Teams Adoption to diagnosing issues with endpoints. It has been amazing to discover so many experts so passionate about its success and helping others to do more.

We have decided to start the European Teams User Group to

  • Help grow a network of Teams Professionals and evangelists in the European area
  • Give members regular opportunities to speak to their peers at meet ups
  • Democratise expert knowledge and experience from working with Teams

As this User Group is just starting up, we would like to thank you for bearing with us as things get more formalised in the next few months. We anticipate doing more as the year progresses – such as an online conference later in 2019. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please send all enquiries and feedback to:


Monthly Meet Ups

There will be monthly UG meet up online. The first three we have planned are:

  • Thursday 28th March, 2019
  • Thursday 25th April 2019
  • Thursday 30th May 2019

All will be at 15:00 GMT, last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and take place in Teams. All meet-ups will be in English. An anonymous link will be posted on the @EuroTeamUG Twitter in the days leading up to the event. All UG meets will be recorded and posted on the @EuroTeamUG YouTube channel

Just search for European Teams User Group in YouTube! You can easily subscribe to the channel!

We will be looking to have live events as the group grows.

Call for Speakers

We are now calling for speakers for our next three UG meet ups. The idea is to have two or three speakers per meet up talking about Teams, or Teams in relation to another applications (I.e. Flow). This may be a specific functionality (I.e. Shifts), a solution (I.e. Creating new Teams via Graph), or a discussion point (I.e. Private Channels). These should be roughly 20 – 25 minutes in length. If you are interested to speak at the next meet up, please submit an overview of your session for us to review at Submissions will be closed one week before the next meet up.

To note, we may have more submissions than speaking slots. If this is the case, we will try to arrange an alternate date with you. Where submissions are high we may not be able to accommodate your session for the next event. It is important to note that we will be open to extending the meet ups to accommodate more speakers as time goes on.


Q. Will there be face to face meet ups in the future?

A. This is something we are considering. Should everything go as planned then we would look to meet up at Ignite 2019. For the moment – as we get started – we will be holding all meet ups online.

Q. Do I have to be a certain level like an MVP to speak at a meet up?

A. No! This User Group is open to all members and everyone has an equal opportunity to present sessions at the meet ups.

Q. Will the Meet Ups take place in Teams? Isn’t there a 250 user limit?

A. Yes! The meet ups will always be held in Teams and there is a 250 user limit. We have started out with regular teams meetings because we honestly have no idea in regards to how many will come to the initial meet ups. If we begin to look like hitting the limit then we will look at live events.

Q.  How do I join those meetings?

A. Anonymous links will go up on the Twitter page in the days preceding the meet up

Q. Will there be guest speakers?

A. Yes – on occasion we will look to have guest speakers from Microsoft

Q. There isn’t a meet up page or anything I have to sign up for. Am I actually a member of the group?

A. At present, you can class yourself as a member of the group if you follow the Twitter page (@EuroTeamsUG), subscribe to the YouTube channel above and attend the meet ups. Adam and I are open to looking at something more formalised, however we wanted to use existing applications and not charge anyone for being a member or participating.

Best, Chris

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