Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s Embed Stream videos in Teams – and get Embed Codes from both SharePoint and OneDrive

The feedback about the Stream-Teams blogs has been real positive the last few weeks. And that's all good. Feels like I'm almost back in the flow of the blog writing when I was pre-covid. So let's hold fast to the tack this week and talk about embedding Stream videos. Video embedding involves getting a snippet of code or script, known as an “embed code” - typically from the video and then adding that snippet of code to a site, such as a SharePoint Site. Embedding helps us to surface videos where we want them to be consumed. Now, generating embed codes for videos via the new Stream on SharePoint is not completely straightforward today. It has been confirmed - in writing - as being in development so a button will be there in the future on videos to easily generate the embed code. Yet how can we do it today if we really needed to do that? And not only videos that will be housed within SharePoint, but for videos that will be housed within OneDrive too. This blog builds on the excellent work of Mark Mroz, one of the leads in the Stream Team who wrote some excellent JSON in order to obtain and surface it for videos housed in SharePoint.

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s build a Playlist Portal in Teams using Stream and Lists – and bringing Lists to a Personal App

What is cool about Microsoft 365 is the synergy between applications. Standalone they are strong apps in and of themselves - but as a former architect there is a real enjoyment about making them work together to produce something which is greater than the sum of it's parts. Now, the last few evenings I have been focusing on Microsoft Stream - long overdue given I used to write about it quite a bit back in the day. I talked about redirecting to the new Stream Web App experience, I talked about the fundamentals of building a video portal and surfacing that in Teams. A little bit before that I wrote on the new chapter functionality and how this will make videos more easily searchable. Now, I am going to take a different tack and bring another app into the fold which is Microsoft Lists. Like Stream, Lists is another app in 365 which I love, and which I use often. Now what this can be used for is to make a Playlist. A Playlist by definition is 'a list of pieces of music chosen by someone to listen to on their computer, phone, etc.' So a playlist could easily apply to video. Let's see if we can make one up

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s build a Stream Video Portal in Teams

Ok. So unlike yesterday I have a few hours at my disposal and I wanted to test seeing whether I could build a Stream video portal in Teams. These videos should be surfaceable - but not as a tab in some team which I am a part of. These would be ideally surfaced as a personal tab in the app rail where I can access my videos at any point in time right in the flow of my work. Now the reason I want this is because I am a trainer, and as a trainer I have assets for courses which I want to serve up using the Shared System Audio feature in Teams. With the arrival of chapters and transcript, I will hopefully create this great situation for myself where I can have videos for my courses, and then chop those videos up into chapters to easy access to show what I need. So yeah, whilst this could have good application within my own organisation I am actually doing this one for my own personal gain. The cool thing about this is that in using SharePoint as the base for the video portal, we could enrich that video portal with files and loads of other stuff. But here I am going to aim at a version 1.

Direct the App Tile Launcher to the new Stream on SharePoint web app experience in – Via GUI or PowerShell

Hope your enjoying the Jubilee bank holiday this weekend! After taking my five year old to a two hour - yes you read that right - two hour pantomime today let's just say I'm 99% there on the old cognitive load. I'll be giving the BBC coverage of Party at the Palace a miss. I'll be giving TV a miss. In fact, I'll be enjoying silence in the most myriad and profound kind of ways. So in order to unpack I'd thought I do a quick blog. A virtual commute as you will. Into nothingness. In 45 minutes I am going to discuss how an org can direct to the new Stream on SharePoint experience for their users in - which I see has now dropped into Ring 4 in a test tenant. It was only a few weeks ago - maybe a month - where I discussed the new Video Chapters. A few months prior to that I discussed how it was possible to use the URL to get to the new web app experience. The point is with the introduction of the web app and the player I feel we are moving towards a tipping point in the transition from classic to Stream on SharePoint. I feel we are starting to get to the good stuff. So what is this blog in particular addressing? Well Stream in the App Tile Launcher - what you and I know as the Waffle - in continues to direct to classic ( whereas you can now set it in the SharePoint Admin Centre to direct to Stream on SharePoint ( As much as users knowing the URL it's never going to be as memorable as just redirecting via the App launcher. So let's take a quick look, as there isn't much to do - rather you just need to know where to switch it. Later on, I am sure it'll become the default

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Stream Video Chapters and getting them into Teams

Stream, or should I now say Stream on SharePoint? The last time I wrote on it was about the web app at which has now been available for some time. Since then, Mark Mroz and the team have been working on migration tools. They have also been working on the player and a ton of other things. Now, going back to that old marketing pitch, the point of Stream v2.0 was all about Stream becoming the video player for the whole Microsoft 365 ecosystem, as opposed to an app with it's own dedicated storage. I don't mind admitting I'm still kinda gutted about this because genuinely I thought the former experience was really really good whilst I also really felt for the team given they had to ice it and pivot to which I can only imagine the amount of pain involved. But I am endeavoring to be onboard with the new, and so when using Stream in my demo tenant a few days ago I saw that chapters had dropped. Chapters, which break up a video into sections and let you easily rewatch different parts, is one of the functionalities that the old version didn't have and the kind of functionality which feels good. It's part of a nice incremental development cadence which seems really well planned, so kudos again to the team