European Teams User Group becomes Teams Nation Monthly Meetup

Last week, we announced that TeamsFest has become Teams Nation. We also announced that we will be going ahead on Wednesday 26th May 2021 for the next event. Thank you so much for all the support you have given us as we take the next steps on our journey. We already have a few ideas, and are already in pre-planning discussions about the day itself

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Hard Mute

Hard mute has been a feature which I have wanted to see for a long time. I've voted on uservoice, asked in AMA's, said in feedback to the engineering team. To be fair I've been pretty vocal about it on social over the last year given what I do and standing to gain significantly from the add. As an MCT I teach regularly in Teams. I do sessions on the speaker circuit. I organise conferences. As part of my day job I do a lot of webinars and meetings. So the ability to prevent attendees unmuting is a real pragmatic add - one which will be warmly received by the tech community as a huge gap which has now been sewn up. Teachers, presenters, instructors, sellers, marketers - all stand to benefit from it. Yet it is also fair to say that if most peoples experience of Teams meetings mirrors my own then the realities were nowhere near as bad as the noise and anxieties surrounding the lack of such a control. Personally, I've always found most people in meetings or in lessons to be very conscious, considerate, professional and take real care of using mute and to be honest, I can't think of a time where the noise was so persistent as to pull me off track apart from the odd instance of echo. In my time using Teams I've personally had more instances of demo failure. However, the feature is important not just in terms of what it actually does, but from the perspective that it gives the speaker absolute assurance that they aren't going to be interrupted - and that kind of peace of mind is invaluable particularly for the inexperienced speaker. Q&A will be better managed. Presenters won't be walking in a situation where discussion is ongoing and difficult to control. It's a shame this wasn't released to more fanfare, vis-à-vis custom backgrounds or together mode. Whilst I understand it probably opens up a seam of criticism as to why this wasn't always around earlier, we now have a tool in the toolkit for meeting management which we'll use all the time and it'll become fundamental to the Teams meeting experience

TeamsFest becomes Teams Nation – and returns May 26th 2021

Having just finished the event a few weeks ago, Vesku, Adam, Chris and I had the opportunity to catch up before our monthly user group to have a look at the figures. We had over 1300 unique attendees at TeamsFest which was twice as large as our last event, and from over 300 feedbacks we received a speaker rating of 4.65/5 and an event score of 4.7/5 which is incredible considering we ran 85 sessions in a single day. We believe it to have been the largest amount of dedicated Teams breakout sessions ever attempted in a single day by any event, including Microsoft Ignite

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Opting into SharePoint/OneDrive for Business as the location for Teams Meeting Recordings

Stream is changing. If you kept up to date with Ignite then you will know that it's being re-imagined and rebuilt to integrate seamlessly with applications across the stack. One of the consequences of this change is that Teams Meeting Recordings (TMR) will - like all video - be stored within SharePoint (in the case of channel meetings) and OneDrive (in the case of non-channel or what we call private meetings). There is a lot of sense and upside to this. For example, video will now be able to be shared externally which was the Achilles heel with classic stream and which many users ended up doing anyway albeit moving the video manually. Secondly, we can now leverage Microsoft 365's security and compliance functionality such as retention