Microsoft Lists Fundamentals Part 1

I have a little detour from Teams this week. Of course, Microsoft Lists will come into Teams in the next month or so - this has already been confirmed. Yet I like many others have been caught up in the hype and wanted to get hands on with the web app experience as a primer for that. So it's a good thing that even though it's not officially in my Ring 4 test tenant - as in no icon on login - there's still a way to access it - many thanks to Matt Wade and Michael Pisarek for bringing it to my attention on social. So, Lists. Lists are effective for many things - Itineraries, Assets, Expenses, Project Steps, Go to Market actions. And there is many reasons as to why you would make a list. You would make it to record track and organise. You would make it in order to collaborate with others. You would make it to share with others. Yet lists in Microsoft 365 are not new. As announced at Build, Lists are an evolution of SharePoint Lists and encompasses SharePoint Lists and which is now a cross app all of it's own. Let's have a look

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Resolving Allow Third Party Cookies in the Teams Web App with Edge

Every Sunday I typically write a blog. Now in order to write that blog I typically use a test tenant set up on the CDX platform at Why? It's what we call a Ring 4 tenant which means that everything within it - all of the functionality in Teams has been released and is generally available. Since my corp tenant is TAP (Ring 3) I can't just take pictures of it or use it in blogs as I may accidently infringe on NDA and the things I am working on with the team at Microsoft. So reviewing the Ring 4 tenant this morning in order to find something to write on, and logging onto the web app via Edge ( I was blocked from accessing it which said I needed to allow third party cookies. Ok. Now, this article will focus on a fix for it - not the semantics of whether third party cookies ought to be a prerequisite of the web app experience. Some articles argue that third party cookies need to be on for the browsing experience to be optimal. Others state that third party cookies are a security and privacy risk given they harvest behavioural data. Wherever you fall on this spectrum the fact remains that Teams needs to allow it. I am sure Microsoft will provide an official reason for this in time

9 Teams Sessions to watch out for at Microsoft Inspire 2020

I have many fond memories of Microsoft Inspire. Having attended Inspire the last two years its something I recommend to anyone should they have the opportunity and resources to do so. Yes, it's in Vegas, and yes it's super long days, next-to-no sleep and probably 20,000 plus steps a day. But you have to be there to experience it. It's a truly immersive experience beyond anything I thought it would be. And when I think of Inspire today, I don't particularly think of things like particular sessions, or even the speakers. I think of things like grabbing a bagel in the Tropicana on the way over the T, the route I usually took to get to the ballrooms through the Mandalay after getting off the monorail past the Luxor, or waiting in line for a cab at the Delano getting ready for a meeting at somewhere like the Aria. For me, Inspire is all about direction and logistics, evaluating how far we have come, understanding where we are all headed and how prepared we are to do so in that regard

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Sending Pulse Surveys to the Team using Forms

What is a pulse survey? Whilst there are several definitions, a pulse survey measures the employee experience and is named after the idea of checking the “pulse” of something like employee satisfaction at a specific moment in time. They allow companies to measure and compare feedback continually and analyse the effect of initiatives and are typically run week to week as opposed to annually. The benefits of taking regular pulse surveys include on the spot insights, higher response rates due to being both shorter and targeted and greater employee satisfaction. The fact that Microsoft Forms has now added pulse survey templates means that pulse surveys can be easily created, and used with your Team. This is a nice add leveraging existing functionality across Microsoft 365 applications. You can gage the mood in the team on a regular basis, you can get regular feedback, and you can use this feature to foster a more inclusive team