Teams Real Simple with Pictures: New Files Experience – Adding a Custom View to the Team

We started out examining the new rich file experience which has come to Teams (Full Blog here) by looking at pinning and unpinning files. Today, I am going to tackle adding a custom view to a Team. A custom view may be something the team, or a member of the team needs such as only seeing excels in an A-Z format. Custom views make it easier for users to arrange, search and use files in a way that makes sense to them. The new file experience gives us the option to create many custom views, and in the initial stage of the Teams lifecycle, it is a great to consider this with the wider Team. It is also great that they apply across all channels in a Team, so it's not making this task too granular or repetitive

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: New Files Experience – Pinning Team Files

A very exciting day! If you have not yet heard the new rich file experience has come to Teams (Full Blog here). The Tech Community has been looking forward to this for some time and it was worth the wait. Congratulations to the Microsoft Team. I'll be looking at all the new features of this in the coming weeks in individual blogs interspersed with Ignite. The first of the new features I'll look at is the ability to pin Team documents. As you well know from reading my blogs, it's what I love - quick, easy, powerful and applicable to a ton of real world business cases. Whether to enable access to key documents in seconds, or if the Team is working on a specific set of documents over a period, it's a great way to separate hot files from cold files. It's great too if you need to keep a number of files to hand if you step away from the work for a period. Let's take a look.

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Playing Video within Meetings

After blogs on setting up a video channel for the Team and using Teams and Stream for personalised video watchlists the natural conclusion is to now illustrate how to play video during a meeting. In July, Microsoft released share system audio (Featured ID: 50692 on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap) allowing members of the team to stream their computer audio to meeting participants through Teams. What is absolutely amazing is that there was no fanfare about this new functionality - it was simply added like any other feature and, from memory, didn't even make that great an impact on social. There are dozens of reasons why a member of the team would use video - instruction, demoing functionality, marketing, analysis, even playing back another meeting - and the organizer is no longer restricted by trying to run video with audio playing through the speakers. Whether the video is in YouTube, or in Stream, this can be done all within Teams to show the power of this application

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Using Teams and Stream for easy access Personalised Video Watchlists

A few months ago, we looked at setting up a video channel for the Team. Integration between Teams and Stream is powerful - and another way we can leverage this is to promote on-demand video watchlists for individual members. Scenarios where this may be effective include personalised learning, self-paced development, or to have those assets readily to hand for either demo purposes, or to play and share with others during a meeting. Accessible videos makes it more likely that they will be utilised and valued as assets. It's also a great solution if our Team members are members of several teams which means they can harvest assets from other Teams which colleagues may not yet be part of

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Sharing Websites/Scans with the Team on the Go with the Edge, OneDrive and Teams apps

Many years ago - when I was a secondary school teacher, I always used to see great stuff on websites or articles in books which I thought could benefit other members of the team. With websites it was always slow and cumbersome having to copy and paste the URL of the site, stick that in an email then add the other members of the team one by one from the address book. With articles in books it was even more hassle and usually involved a photocopier or a scanner - often to much expense. Ultimately, I wanted something quick, cheap and easy to get that information to them that took zero time without having to think about it too much. This is what I love about Microsoft apps - how they work together to make things easy to do. I like advanced - I do - but I will be honest with you, I love real simple stuff which is intuitive and saves time and money. On IoS, between the EDGE app, the OneDrive App and Teams we can get websites and articles from books or slide decks to the Team in seconds and minutes. So the next time you are reading something interesting - a Tech Community article or a Blog - or at a conference and see that killer slide, or reading a book and want to share it with the team, remember it doesn't take a lot to get that into a channel where the whole Team can benefit from it

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Adding a Custom Messaging Policy to the Team

Messaging policies are used to control which chat and channel messaging features are available to users in Microsoft Teams. For example, a business may not feel at ease with the Team using GIF's or Stickers in what they class as corporate communications (I.e. in Sales or Finance), whereas it may not want the Team to edit or delete posts for compliance reasons. A great thing about Teams is that it isn't just a one size fits all policy in terms of Messaging - sure, the organisation starts out with a global org wide policy, and this overarching policy can be amended to make changes to all users if required - but custom messaging policies can be implemented for specific users/teams too. Regardless of the debate as to whether aspects of messaging policies such as GIF's ought to be used, this flexibility gives organisations much needed choice and flexibility to how they want messaging in Teams to be used and by whom.

Twelve must-see Teams community speaker sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite is almost here! The big event! I have the unbelievable privilege of speaking this year after MCT's were permitted to apply - but I will also find some time to attend sessions, kick back and learn as much as I can about Microsoft Teams. Like most of us, I love learning. I love sessions. I love others perspectives and seeing their passion play out on stage. A lot of the Microsoft Teams sessions will be done by Microsoft - but there are also many done by exemplary and deeply passionate community speakers. I personally know or have seen a number of them and I can assure you they bring their A game every time. So I have picked out fifteen must-see sessions and chances are you will meet me there in the front row - or very close to it as I imagine demand is going to be through the roof for them!