Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Sending Pulse Surveys to the Team using Forms

What is a pulse survey? Whilst there are several definitions, a pulse survey measures the employee experience and is named after the idea of checking the “pulse” of something like employee satisfaction at a specific moment in time. They allow companies to measure and compare feedback continually and analyse the effect of initiatives and are typically run week to week as opposed to annually. The benefits of taking regular pulse surveys include on the spot insights, higher response rates due to being both shorter and targeted and greater employee satisfaction. The fact that Microsoft Forms has now added pulse survey templates means that pulse surveys can be easily created, and used with your Team. This is a nice add leveraging existing functionality across Microsoft 365 applications. You can gage the mood in the team on a regular basis, you can get regular feedback, and you can use this feature to foster a more inclusive team

Best of luck with your renewals MVP’s

For those of you who didn't know, it's the annual MVP renewal this Wednesday. July 1st is when all MVP's go through their annual renewal and learn whether they will remain in the program for another year. Many will make it. Some, sadly, will not. Some will have chosen throughout the last 12 months to pursue a different path whilst others may no longer have the time or opportunity to commit to it

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Accessing all of your Teams files through a single channel

If you are like me, then you are always looking at ways to do things quicker or make things easier - and working with files in Teams is no exception. Now, as a rule of thumb and being a minimalist at heart I only ever keep a maximum of three Teams visible at any one time, but one of the drawbacks of this approach is that I often get asked to upload, amend or co-author content in Teams, or channels of Teams which I have hidden or rarely use, and since I am a member of over four dozen Teams it takes me an unnecessary amount time to locate it and do the upload or the amendment. Now, I don't know when exactly this functionality dropped into GA - I can't remember seeing it on the Microsoft 365 roadmap or the Message centre, but you can now attach cloud storage to channels. This means that you can add all of the SharePoint file structure of every Team you are a part of to a single channel which can short circuit much of the previous effort involved. This includes Private Channels 

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Record that screen straight into your Team with Stream

If I asked you to think of a scenario where you would use recording in the context of Teams, then I would wager that - today - you would probably say meetings followed by calls. Most people would - and that's as expected. Yet a month ago, the ability to record your screen was added to the Stream web app. Now, the ability to record video in Stream has been around for a few months in the mobile app but the big difference is that with the web app you can publish directly into stream channels after the video has been recorded. This functionality for mobile will absolutely come at some point - but today, it is important to know that because you can record and select a Stream channel whilst publishing, you can therefore publish directly into a Teams channel. Imagine - you need to show someone in the Team how to do something, or provide them with a canned demo, or provide the team with a video to analyse before a meeting. This is one of those key functionalities - like shared system audio - which kind of fly under the radar when they first emerge. Don't get me wrong here - its far from what it could be in the future being limited to 15 minutes, limited to Windows in terms of system audio and camera capture only possible when sharing the screen (as opposed to an app or browser tab). However, think of the future - when the 15 minutes limit is raised, when it's possible for macs, when camera capture is possible in all sharing options and when you have a set of editing tools. It's on a great trajectory

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Teams and Skype Consumer Interop is here

You know, Teams to Skype consumer interop is a really interesting one for me because for the longest time this functionality wasn't going to happen. If you ever came across or looked up the associated Uservoice you would have seen it as being declined by the product team - and its not difficult to understand the reasons why Microsoft did for so long. Skype for Business online ends July 2021. Many feel it's time to bid farewell to the Skype brand and move on. We get it. Many of us have, and many of us did so purely because of all the functionality and productivity adds Teams has over Skype. Except some organisations have held off precisely because it didn't interop with Skype consumer; they needed it to work with other orgs and customers in a B2B and B2C context. Microsoft - all credit to them - had to make a call, and that call was Teams had to interop going forward. A 180 this may be - but ultimately, Microsoft has got it right. Nostalgia and sentimentality aside, there shouldn't be any more reasons why an org should remain on Skype for Business online, but it's gives the upside that Teams users will be able to message and call customers, or loved ones which use Skype consumer, and vice versa