Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Resolving Allow Third Party Cookies in the Teams Web App with Edge

Every Sunday I typically write a blog. Now in order to write that blog I typically use a test tenant set up on the CDX platform at Why? It's what we call a Ring 4 tenant which means that everything within it - all of the functionality in Teams has been released and is generally available. Since my corp tenant is TAP (Ring 3) I can't just take pictures of it or use it in blogs as I may accidently infringe on NDA and the things I am working on with the team at Microsoft. So reviewing the Ring 4 tenant this morning in order to find something to write on, and logging onto the web app via Edge ( I was blocked from accessing it which said I needed to allow third party cookies. Ok. Now, this article will focus on a fix for it - not the semantics of whether third party cookies ought to be a prerequisite of the web app experience. Some articles argue that third party cookies need to be on for the browsing experience to be optimal. Others state that third party cookies are a security and privacy risk given they harvest behavioural data. Wherever you fall on this spectrum the fact remains that Teams needs to allow it. I am sure Microsoft will provide an official reason for this in time

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Share to Teams Extension in Edge

There are many scenarios when we would want to share a website with the Team: it could be when we are simply browsing and stumble across something valuable, it could be to show what a competitor is doing or provide a solution to the problem we are facing. Yet sharing that with the Team can be unproductive: for example, cutting and pasting the URL and then putting it into Teams. It may only take a minute but that could be several minutes a day, or an an hour or two a week. In addition, we risk throwing ourselves off track on the work we are doing by switching out of context. The Share to Teams Extension provides a good way to circumvent these issues in terms of not having to switch out of context and share without having to cut and paste the URL

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Sharing Websites/Scans with the Team on the Go with the Edge, OneDrive and Teams apps

Many years ago - when I was a secondary school teacher, I always used to see great stuff on websites or articles in books which I thought could benefit other members of the team. With websites it was always slow and cumbersome having to copy and paste the URL of the site, stick that in an email then add the other members of the team one by one from the address book. With articles in books it was even more hassle and usually involved a photocopier or a scanner - often to much expense. Ultimately, I wanted something quick, cheap and easy to get that information to them that took zero time without having to think about it too much. This is what I love about Microsoft apps - how they work together to make things easy to do. I like advanced - I do - but I will be honest with you, I love real simple stuff which is intuitive and saves time and money. On IoS, between the EDGE app, the OneDrive App and Teams we can get websites and articles from books or slide decks to the Team in seconds and minutes. So the next time you are reading something interesting - a Tech Community article or a Blog - or at a conference and see that killer slide, or reading a book and want to share it with the team, remember it doesn't take a lot to get that into a channel where the whole Team can benefit from it