Teams Real Simple with Pictures: The Microsoft 365 Admin App is here. In Teams.

In a couple of days time I'll be presenting on Microsoft Loop at the Modern Workplace Conference in Paris (MWCP). It's my second time lucky. I am very proud to be returning to such a prestigious event given it was the one that got me interested in the circuit in the first place. Vesku and I will be teaming up again once more. Last year we talked about Teams as a Platform. This year I guess you could say we are also talking about Teams as a Platform exploring Loop Components, their intricacies, and other aspects we've investigated like compliance and flows. It's all very exciting given that they are only just rolling out into Ring 4 (GA) from preview. Now, earlier today whilst doing the prep work something caught my eye. You know the score. In the ever changing landscape of cloud apps things pop up out of nowhere. But this I had to do a double take on. The Microsoft 365 Admin App - yes, the admin app as in the awesome one you get on your phone via the apple store to manage aspects of your tenant and review service health - its now surfaced into Teams. Now before I start getting too carried away I am sure as a v1.0 it isn't going to have parity with the current admin app, or anywhere near the web version. So even before looking at it I am going to set my expectations low. But imagine. Imagine how handy considering how much we work in Teams if you could just spin up a user or a Team by launching it off the app rail. Also, on first thoughts, it's probably not an app we are going to want to make accessible for the majority of our users in Teams so we'll probably need to whip out some app permissions policies considering these things get launched with a default of on.

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Aligning Teams Preview with the Office Current Channel Preview

Last year I did a blog on enabling public preview for Microsoft Teams. In all fairness it was a few very straightforward steps insofar as going into the Teams Admin Centre, setting the update policy; then enabling the preview in the Teams desktop client for users scoped within that policy. Not a big deal in terms of effort to get great functionality like native Windows notifications, or Dynamic View, or Chat Bubbles, or Paging on Large Gallery in order to test them out before they went GA. To follow on from this Microsoft have now released the ability to align Microsoft Teams Preview to the Office Current Channel Preview. In other words, a Teams Service or Global Admin can set it so only users with the Office Current Channel Preview (A channel to preview new functionality after Beta but before Current Channel which is the first channel in General Availability) can access the Teams Public Preview. This makes a lot of sense for both administrators and testers because it means testing is aligned and the tester has the same level of insider access across the services. From the admin specifically - less management; less bother; the user or users on Teams Preview are likely to be one and the same on the Office Preview. Right. So let's check it out and apply it.

Microsoft Ignite 2021: My Sessions, 10 for Teams and Everything Else I’d Recommend

Microsoft Ignite is back. It's been 6 months since the last one - and if I am being honest, it feels like the last one only took place last weekend. Of course, in many ways the last one was really the first - the first in lockdown, the first where it wasn't possible for us to attend in person - but it was also the first to surpass 70,000 attendees as the remote experience opened it up to a much larger audience who otherwise wouldn't have been able to attend. But whether this one constitutes 'Ignite Part 2' or is a singular replacement for Ignite the Tour, we all find ourselves returning to the biggest IT pro event of the year at a different time: both in terms of the calendar and in terms of more optimism as we may begin to see a return to a degree of normal life as we know it this year. I, for one, am very interested to see Microsoft's take on the state of things. Last year, see heard a lot about resilience, about being digital responders and we saw narratives such as accelerating digital transformation to the cloud for business continuity and supporting remote workers as they deal with a spectrum of challenges, including emotional and mental well being. Will we see a continuation of these narratives or will we see a pivoting of this? Jared Spatero's session The Hybrid Workplace suggests we will and where Microsoft think we will all be operating post pandemic. But what is intriguing is Satya Nadella's keynote which will be held on AltspaceVR. As much as showing the power of technology and mixed reality, how does this feed into the narrative, and like AI, how in the years to come will we all be using mixed reality day to day within our hybrid workplaces to connect, and get work done. What's clear from the last year, is we no longer have to be there, and so doing, we ultimately - if we are true to ourselves, may find it is even better than the real thing.

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Catching up on the the latest YouTube videos with Power Automate, Lists and Teams

It's been a while since I wrote anything about video. I did quite a few blogs on Teams and Stream last year and even did a few sessions on how they worked together on the circuit - but with the transition to modern Stream I'm very much waiting for the new experience; when we start seeing features like the web experience, when podcasts and portals emerge. All in good time - even though in moving the TMR's over I badly need the use of trim, and I still want to talk about video. You see, I watch a lot of it. I love the medium, and so doing a few blogs on power automate and approval scenarios with Lists and Teams, I also had an idea for a new blog involving video. The idea is that I constantly struggle with time. With responsibilities for work, family and community I often miss quality content that goes by on great channels like Microsoft Mechanics. So I thought what if I could put this into a List which updates and I can work through that. Surfacing it in the Team could be quite valuable

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Deploying Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways in Teams as a personal app

Learning pathways is a customizable, on-demand learning solution designed to increase usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 services in your organization. It's one of those things which has been on my radar to write about for some time. Having your learning site in easy reach of your Team - within Teams itself - and bringing your learning content where your Team is working on a day to day basis saves time and makes it easier for them to access without needing to navigate to another application. Add in the fact that you can customise content and you have a really powerful application that is great for increasing the teams' knowledge and adoption of Microsoft 365 services, provides a greater return on Teams, SharePoint and other 365 applications as well as provide a platform for the organisation to deploy it's own content. No need to necessarily splash out on that LMS