Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Integrating Azure Pipelines into Microsoft Teams

A pipeline allows developers and DevOps teams to build and release reliable code into their test and production environments. If you know developers within the organisation or have developers on the team, you will probably know that they spend considerable amounts of time monitoring builds and releases. By integrating azure pipelines into Teams, the team will always know the latest status of the pipeline from within the same hub where they collaborate without switching context. They can set up and manage subscriptions for events directly from channels. They can approve or reject requests right from the browser, desktop app or while on the go using the mobile app. 

Teams Real Simple with Pictures – Controlling who can create Teams

Controlling who can create Teams is based upon who can create Office 365 Groups. Whether this is right or wrong is a matter for debate and opinion - some believe this is necessary for reasons such as Teams sprawl; others believe it limits productivity, agility and pushes others back into the use of Shadow IT.

Azure: Fundamentals (AZ-900) Exam Prep Guide

My experience with Azure parallels my experience of driving. Today, I am one of those who absolutely loves it; I'm out on the road every single day and now I can't quite understand how I actually got by before I had a set of wheels. But there was a time, and it was a long time, and during that time I had a lot of preconceptions that it wasn't for me; that maybe I was simply a person who was suited and destined to public transport as a passenger. So explaining all this to my wife she told me to get over myself and get on with it. That's what I really needed all along. And so it was with Azure - as someone who had spent many years in what is now termed Modern Workplace with Office 365 and Microsoft 365, I had to deconstruct all those preconceptions that Azure - and I mean here aspects that aren't Azure AD, Intune etc - wasn't for me. In the end it was force of habit and a degree of institutionalisation having worked with a set of SaaS apps for so long.