Twelve must-see Teams community speaker sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite is almost here! The big event! I have the unbelievable privilege of speaking this year after MCT's were permitted to apply - but I will also find some time to attend sessions, kick back and learn as much as I can about Microsoft Teams. Like most of us, I love learning. I love sessions. I love others perspectives and seeing their passion play out on stage. A lot of the Microsoft Teams sessions will be done by Microsoft - but there are also many done by exemplary and deeply passionate community speakers. I personally know or have seen a number of them and I can assure you they bring their A game every time. So I have picked out fifteen must-see sessions and chances are you will meet me there in the front row - or very close to it as I imagine demand is going to be through the roof for them!

Teams @ #MSInspire – All the Links to all the Sessions

I am off to Vegas on Friday - second time lucky to go to #MSInspire! As you may have guessed most of the sessions I will be attending will be on Microsoft Teams. I am not going to lie here - I have very much planned this from the start and you can follow me throughout the conference as I post on Twitter and blog on this site. 

Teams: Can you do private chat only?

When I was young, I had MSN Instant Messenger. I used it a lot. Some of my friends at used AOL. Others used Yahoo and ICQ. Let's be honest - chat has always worked - and in many ways, we can be defined as the instant messaging generation as opposed to the email generation. There is a real beauty about an app that just focuses on chat - forget for a moment about all the bells and whistles. Remember back in time. Why did that chat apps work? Why does WhatsApp work? And Twitter? And Skype?

Microsoft Tech Community: Giving Back and Loving What You Do

I had never considered being a part of the Microsoft Tech Community. Not after ten years of working day-in day-out with Microsoft solutions. Not on the day of signing up to the site to get recordings from the previous year's Ignite. Not even on the day before I posted in my first community - which, by the way, was Microsoft Teams.