Teams @ #MSInspire – All the Links to all the Sessions

I am off to Vegas on Friday – second time lucky to go to #MSInspire!

As you may have guessed most of the sessions I will be attending will be on Microsoft Teams. I am not going to lie here – I have very much planned this from the start and you can follow me throughout the conference as I post on Twitter and blog on this site.

Yet, whilst I was booking sessions via MyInspire, I found it a bit cumbersome and there was no real all-up view of Microsoft Teams sessions across all four days of the conference.

So I thought I would create one.

Whether to quickly reference Teams sessions during, at a later date, or if you can’t make the conference and want links when Microsoft post the recorded sessions, I hope you can use this to make sure you don’t miss out on all the Teams goodness over the course of Inspire

Code Session Date Start
I-MWP286H-R1 Industry and Firstline solutions with Microsoft 365 15/7/19 1:00
I-MWP254 Service adoption specialist Bootcamp workshop 15/7/19 1:00
I-SPT208 Our Teams journey: How Microsoft upgraded ~200K users to Teams and how it delivers rich live events 15/7/19 1:00
I-MWP206 Building a Microsoft Teams managed service 15/7/19 1:00
I-MWP298H-R3 Microsoft Teams overview 15/7/19 1:30
I-MWP299H-R1 Driving Microsoft Teams value and adoption 15/7/19 1:30
I-MWP293H-R1 Microsoft 365 platform for ISVs 15/7/19 2:30
I-MWP281 The future of productivity with Microsoft 365 15/7/19 2:00
I-PWM253 Effective crisis collaboration and coordination: Using Microsoft Teams to bring the te together 15/7/19 2:30
I-IND204 Expanding the potential of productivity in education 15/7/19 2:30
I-MWP307 Become a modern Teamwork rockstar 15/7/19 4:00
I-MWP105 Drive your business with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 15/7/19 4:00
I-IND205 Empower care Teams in your health accounts 15/7/19 4:00
I-MWP300 The new Project Service: A new set of Teamwork opportunities 15/7/19 4:00
I-MWP110 Scenario-based approach to driving customer intent with Microsoft Teams custom solutions 16/7/19 9:00
I-MWP219 Jump on the untapped meetings market opportunity with Microsoft Teams 16/7/19 9:00
I-MWP280 Grow your SMB practice with Microsoft 365 16/7/19 9:00
I-MWP203 Three steps to build Microsoft Teams custom solutions and supercharge your business 16/7/19 10:30
I-MWP279 Accelerate your security, Microsoft Teams co-sell business 16/7/19 10:30
I-MWP293H-R2 Microsoft 365 platform for ISVs 16/7/19 11:30
I-MWP286H-R2 Industry and Firstline solutions with Microsoft 365 16/7/19 12:30
I-MWP299H-R2 Driving Microsoft Teams value and adoption 16/7/19 1:00
I-MWP268 Why, when, and how to transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams 16/7/19 1:00
I-MWP308 Design and create business workflows automatically using Microsoft Excel, Flow, and Visio 16/7/19 1:00
I-MWP298H-R1 Microsoft Teams overview 16/7/19 2:30
I-MWP229 Content collaboration and business process: Transforming Teamwork 16/7/19 2:30
I-MWP271 SMB partner panel: How to create a successful managed services practice with Microsoft 365 Business 16/7/19 2:30
I-MWP208 Acquire new SMB customers with Microsoft Teams 16/7/19 4:00
I-SPT201H Managing live events as a service across Teams, Yammer, and Microsoft Stream 16/7/19 5:00
I-MWP293H-R3 Microsoft 365 platform for ISVs 16/7/19 6:30
I-MWP299H-R3 Driving Microsoft Teams value and adoption 17/7/19 12:00
I-SPT108H Driving Microsoft Teams adoption in your enterprise 17/7/19 12:30
I-SPT104H Ensuring accessibility in Microsoft Teams 17/7/19 12:30
I-MWP262 Transform every meeting with Microsoft Teams 17/7/19 2:00
I-MWP286H-R3 Industry and Firstline solutions with Microsoft 365 17/7/19 2:00
I-MWP255 Driving new business using Microsoft 365 Security + Microsoft Teams 17/7/19 2:30
I-MWP209 Extend your SharePoint solutions into Teams custom solutions—start here! 17/7/19 2:30
I-MWP220 Teams calling Roadmap and partner opportunity update 17/7/19 4:00
I-MWP276 The Microsoft 365 Platform: New opportunities for engagement 17/7/19 4:00
I-MWP298H-R2 Microsoft Teams overview 17/7/19 4:30
I-MWP216 Build insightful Power BI dashboards within Teams using visualizations created in Microsoft Visio 18/7/19 8:30


Anything not on the list? Please feel free to reach out and I’ll add it!