Twelve must-see Teams community speaker sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite is almost here! The big event! I have the unbelievable privilege of speaking this year after MCT’s were permitted to apply – but I will also find some time to attend sessions, kick back and learn as much as I can about Microsoft Teams. Like most of us, I love learning. I love sessions. I love others perspectives and seeing their passion play out on stage.

A lot of the Microsoft Teams sessions will be done by Microsoft – but there are also many done by exemplary and deeply passionate community speakers. I personally know or have seen a number of them and I can assure you they bring their A game every time. So I have picked out fifteen must-see sessions and chances are you will meet me there in the front row – or very close to it as I imagine demand is going to be through the roof for them!

What are you waiting for!


Session: THR2004 – Best practices on training firstline workers to adopt Microsoft Teams
Speaker : Vesa Nopanen

What should be especially noted when training and coaching your firstline workers to use Teams? How will they best adopt Teams into their work routines? How to best train them to maximize adoption and ensure the success of deployment? Join this session to learn about best practices and real-world experiences from various cases to get a head start with your firstline workers


Session: THR3042 – The importance of Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams together
Speaker : Loryan Strant

Did you know how important it is for users to be running Windows 10 build 1703 or above for Microsoft Teams adoption? No? Then you need to come to this session, where we cover the crucial correlation between Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. By attending this session you’ll migrate off your file shares faster, drive greater levels of usage, improve staff work/life balance, and ultimately drive greater success with Microsoft Teams. Don’t think it’s possible? Come along, you’ll see!


Session: THR2102 – Microsoft Teams: Personal call routing
Speaker: Habib Mankal

In this session come learn how a Microsoft Teams user can manage their own call routing. These key features in Microsoft Teams voice puts the user base in the drivers seat by providing them the control to enable: Call Park – Answer and Park a call for another user to pick up Group Call Pickup – Ring multiple Teams members Shared Line Appearance – delegate to answer or handle calls on their behalf


Session: THR1026 – Five reasons to integrate Yammer into Microsoft Teams
Speaker: Amy Dolzine

Do you work in small teams and large company initiatives simultaneously in your work life? Do you need to find ways to integrate and simplify? In this quick how-to session, we discuss five reasons to integrate your Yammer communities with Microsoft Teams for those you work with every day. From large corporate initiatives to product feedback, the two products work better, together


Session: THR2083 – Deploy Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in less than a day
Speaker: Warren du Toit

Microsoft Teams is taking over as the online voice platform for Microsoft 365, enterprise voice in Skype for Business has always been complex and difficult to achieve. What if we could get your company making phone calls from Microsoft Teams within one working day? Small businesses can get rid of their hosted PBXs and legacy on-premises in no time at all with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. In this session we can deploy an SBC into Azure and connect it to Teams without any additional hardware purchases providing a solution that can cater for up to 500 concurrent calls


Session: THR2070 – Ten Microsoft Teams tips in twenty minutes
Speaker : Adam deltinger

Microsoft Teams has lots of not-so-well-known features and functionality that makes it easier, more effective, and fun to work. Join this theater session and learn ten quick tips on how to improve your Microsoft Teams skills and shine among your co-workers


Session: THR4005 – Single sign on in Microsoft Teams
Speaker: Rick Van Rousselt

One of the top things that one must implement when developing inside of Microsoft Teams is single sign on. You don’t want your users to login to your (custom) application when they start from Teams. In this session we cover all the possibilities that you can do inside of Teams to make authentication and authorization easy and seamless


Session: BRK1036 – Everyday governance and etiquette in Microsoft Teams
Speaker : Matthew Wade

Microsoft Teams is new to many people and how to best work with it isn’t a skill you’re born with. In this session, learn the proven practices, behaviors, and etiquette to make your Teams experience the best it can be. From permissions recommendations to meme guidance, the best bots to smartly working with external guests, your colleagues need some handholding to maximize their experience with the newest and best collaboration tool in Office 365. This session covers real use cases, suggested guidelines, and recommendations for dealing with the many nuances that come with working in Teams, plus some great resources for reference after


Session: THR4004 – Microsoft Teams: Real-world troubleshooting
Speaker: Tom Arbuthnot

MVP Tom Arbuthnot works for Modality Systems, a global Microsoft collaboration specialist. In this session, he shares tips for troubleshooting your Microsoft Teams deployment. We go from tenant configuration to networks to config files giving you real-world approaches to dealing with Microsoft Teams technical challenges


Session: THR2079 – Demystifying licensing options for Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Phone System
Speaker : Josh Blalock

With the many combinations available for bringing PSTN capabilities to your Microsoft Teams users, devices, and resources, licensing models can often be challenging. From regular users with international calling needs, to common area phones, to auto attendants with direct routing numbers and everything in-between, it can all seem a bit complex. Join Microsoft MVP Josh Blalock as he provides clarity on when to use which licensing to ensure that the necessary level of licensing is met, without “over-licensing.”

MartenHellebro StaleH.png

Session: THR3061 – Your own Direct Routing SBC in Azure in 20 minutes
Speakers: Marten Hellebro; Stale Hansen

Telephony in Microsoft Teams is on many organizations’ wish list. You can bring your own SIP trunk and use Direct Routing, and for that you need a certified Session Border Controller (SBC). Even with no hardware or any of the required on-premise infrastructure pieces in place, you can still have your own SBC, in Azure. During this session, MVP Marten Hellebro shares his best practices from real-world deployments and at the same time, demonstrates how to set up a SBC for Direct Routing in Azure in literally no time


Session: BRK3149 – Managing a virtual workplace using Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365
Speaker : Simon Binder

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is here and we have just started to see the potential of it. In this demo-packed session virtualization or system management administrators learn how to manage, optimize, and tune WVD with Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune to get the most out of the virtual workplace, within budget. Everything from MSIX and Microsoft Teams to profile and desktop management, as well as the caveats of multi-session Windows 10, are covered and explained. Evaluate and deploy WVD within your existing environment, using tools you are already familiar with.