MVP – Thanks and Acknowledgements

I wanted to take the time to thank and acknowledge the many people who have helped me on my journey towards the MVP award. I simply could not have done it without you

To Laurie Pottmeyer and Liz Sundet for starting this all off. I blogged about that once

To Vesa Nopanen for nominating me. Vesku has been a mentor who I can’t recommend enough. The epitome of an MVP. He likes Whiskey and Teams

To Adam Deltinger who has been through this with me thick and thin from the very start. We made a pact to support each other through the whole 12 months. Recommendation if you want to be an MVP – find that one person. Nothing characterizes this more than when I was presenting in our Monthly Teams User Group in a meeting he was recording whilst he was going through Airport Security. Teams meetings can be held and recorded whilst going through airport security. We still laugh about it

To the guys in the Microsoft Tech Community – Adam, Vesku, Chris Webb, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Linus CansbySteven Collier, Vasil Michev, Kevin CrossmanJohn Wynne, Dean Gross, Magnus Sandtorv and Alexander Holmeset. You guys are the best

To all those who supported and took the chance on EuroTeams UG from the start – Vesku, Laurie, Chris Webb, Rick Van Rousselt (who I still owe for missing SharePint London), Matti Paukonnen, Laurent Carlier, Amanda Sterner, Eric Marsi

To Randy Chapman and Phil Worrell for an insane level of support on social

To Veronique Lengelle for first giving me the opportunity to speak at a usergroup. To Mark Vale as the first to speak at an event

To Anna Chu, Mark O Shea and Kristoffer J Turner for inviting me to the coolest club in the world – the Binchickens (Pictured). Established Vegas, 2019. I’ll be hoping for a reunion in Orlando

To Dux Raymond Sy, Heather Newman, Ståle Hansen, Sean Wilson and Pouneh Kaufmann who are incredible speakers and have shown me the kind of speaker I want to be

To Nate Chamberlain for his compassion and putting people at the centre of everything

To Mark Kashman for his Intrazone podcasts on many an evening. To Loryan Strant and Jussi Roine who are great writers

To Paul Cunningham who has taught me to look after myself – they ought to rip up the rule book for this guy and make him an MVP for life

To those who have supported, encouraged or given me opportunities along the way Yannick ReekmansSteve Goodman, Liz Waugh, Charlie Harris, Steven DeQuinceyKarel Pelckmans, Kelvin Papp, Deepak Mehta, Taru Huhkio, Mitul Sinha, Chirag PatelJamie Laporte, Gabor Nyers, Magnus Goksoyr, Guillaume Mayer, Simon Binder, Brett Lonsdale, Rich Gibbons, Pieter Veenstra, Reed Wilson, Karoliina Kettukari, Lee Ford

To Craig Gordon, Michael Frisby and Kieran McDonnell for giving me the platform to do what I love

And finally, to my wife Sophie and son Hugo. You are my MVP’s. For all time

Thank you again, for everything

Best, Chris