Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Share to Teams Extension in Edge

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Written: 18/12/2019 | Updated: N/A

There are many scenarios when we would want to share a website with the Team: it could be when we are simply browsing and stumble across something valuable, it could be to show what a competitor is doing or provide a solution to the problem we are facing. Yet sharing that with the Team can be unproductive: for example, cutting and pasting the URL and then putting it into Teams. It may only take a minute but that could be several minutes a day, or an an hour or two a week. In addition, we risk throwing ourselves off track on the work we are doing by switching out of context. The Share to Teams Extension provides a good way to circumvent these issues in terms of not having to switch out of context and share without having to cut and paste the URL

All credit goes to Joao Ferreira for this awesome extension!


  • For sharing web pages in Teams without leaving context


Teams licence (usually part of Office 365), Edge (this was done on Edge Chromium) and the ability to install extensions

Important Note: you need to be signed into an Edge profile with your Work (O365/M365) credentials to be able to run it successfully. 



1.) In Edge, select ellipsis (…)


2.) Select Extensions


3.) Select Get Extensions from the Microsoft Store


4.) Search for and add Share to Teams


5.) Select Get


6.) Select Add Extension


7.) This installs it and Share to Teams is added to the right of the address bar. On the Webpage you want to share with the Team, Select the Share to Teams extension


8.) Select the Team/Channel and enter the message you want to send to the team. The URL will already be populated. Select Share


Our job here is done.

The link has been shared and shows in the Team/Channel



Details can be found through left clicking on the extension and selecting manage extensions




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