Teams: Introducing the European Teams User Group

Thank you for your support and for your interest in the European Teams User Group! Over the last several months, Adam (@deltanr1) and I have met so many great Teams contributors throughout the Microsoft Tech Community. They have certainly helped us in our journey with Teams! Whether it is about Governance, or the Graph, from … Continue reading Teams: Introducing the European Teams User Group

Microsoft 365: Fundamentals (MS-900) Exam Prep Guide

I’ve always liked and recommended Microsoft Fundamentals exams. Last year, before this new generation was created, I went back to gap fill my Office 365 MCSA with the Cloud, Mobility and Security Fundamental MTA’s (98-367, 368, 369). And even though these new generation MCF’s - like MTA’s - are optional (they don’t count towards the associate workloads) I don’t personally believe in bypassing them. No shortcuts. But Others may disagree. I respect that.

Microsoft 365: The Road to E5

Microsoft 365 E5. I have heard it colloquially referred to as the ‘All In’ SKU, the ‘Nirvana’ SKU - but I have never heard it referred to as an easy SKU to sell or deploy in full; nor one that has generated any great deal of demand when compared to Business and E3. Objections that I have personally encountered since it was released include it’s too difficult to articulate, that it contains too many workloads to deploy in a reasonable timeframe, that customers aren’t looking to engage in that degree of change, that it contains applications that they don’t want or need due to existing solutions (I.e. Hosted PBX) and that it’s too much of a jump in price from Microsoft 365 E3.

Microsoft Tech Community: Giving Back and Loving What You Do

I had never considered being a part of the Microsoft Tech Community. Not after ten years of working day-in day-out with Microsoft solutions. Not on the day of signing up to the site to get recordings from the previous year's Ignite. Not even on the day before I posted in my first community - which, by the way, was Microsoft Teams.