Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s build a Playlist Portal in Teams using Stream and Lists – and bringing Lists to a Personal App

What is cool about Microsoft 365 is the synergy between applications. Standalone they are strong apps in and of themselves - but as a former architect there is a real enjoyment about making them work together to produce something which is greater than the sum of it's parts. Now, the last few evenings I have been focusing on Microsoft Stream - long overdue given I used to write about it quite a bit back in the day. I talked about redirecting to the new Stream Web App experience, I talked about the fundamentals of building a video portal and surfacing that in Teams. A little bit before that I wrote on the new chapter functionality and how this will make videos more easily searchable. Now, I am going to take a different tack and bring another app into the fold which is Microsoft Lists. Like Stream, Lists is another app in 365 which I love, and which I use often. Now what this can be used for is to make a Playlist. A Playlist by definition is 'a list of pieces of music chosen by someone to listen to on their computer, phone, etc.' So a playlist could easily apply to video. Let's see if we can make one up