Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s Embed Stream videos in Teams – and get Embed Codes from both SharePoint and OneDrive

The feedback about the Stream-Teams blogs has been real positive the last few weeks. And that's all good. Feels like I'm almost back in the flow of the blog writing when I was pre-covid. So let's hold fast to the tack this week and talk about embedding Stream videos. Video embedding involves getting a snippet of code or script, known as an “embed code” - typically from the video and then adding that snippet of code to a site, such as a SharePoint Site. Embedding helps us to surface videos where we want them to be consumed. Now, generating embed codes for videos via the new Stream on SharePoint is not completely straightforward today. It has been confirmed - in writing - as being in development so a button will be there in the future on videos to easily generate the embed code. Yet how can we do it today if we really needed to do that? And not only videos that will be housed within SharePoint, but for videos that will be housed within OneDrive too. This blog builds on the excellent work of Mark Mroz, one of the leads in the Stream Team who wrote some excellent JSON in order to obtain and surface it for videos housed in SharePoint.