Dynamics 365: Fundamentals (MB-900) Exam Prep Guide

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I have recently been asked who is the ideal candidate to sit Dynamics 365 Fundamentals.

Now, I’m not a salesperson. I’m not a technician starting out or pivoting my career to focus on business apps. I’m not even an experienced technician looking to consolidate my understanding since my understanding of Dynamics prior to the fundamentals – if you were to quantify it – equated to the square root of zero. These are all ideal cases. Yet my own case, I simply got up one day and thought you know – why not? I’d entered the industry when Dynamics CRM 4.0 was taking off and I’ve pretty much exhausted every possible synonym in the English language for words such as niche and specialist which is how most of the Dynamics conversations I’d ever been involved in typically ended up.

Dynamics. It always seemed as dense as a boreal forest – not unlike SharePoint and Azure in that regard where you start learning it, discover its not actually difficult to understand, and then suddenly you’re all in.

So I have to give major credit to Microsoft for creating an excellent Microsoft Learn course to prepare for the exam. This covers all the Customer Engagement and Unified Operations apps. This covers Cloud Concepts similar to the Azure and Microsoft 365 fundamentals. The service lifecycle; the licencing. It introduces the Power Platform and the Common Data Service (CDS) – which, by the way, are real important for Microsoft moving forward. You’ll see this reflected in the rapid growth of the community around the Power Platform which is comparable to Microsoft Teams.

Between Learn and Microsoft Docs you’ll get what you need for a strong run at the exam. I wouldn’t at all be surprised when you pass, when you understand it conceptually, when you see the breadth of the solutions it can offer your customers and the flexibility of the Power Platform, you begin thinking about making some more time for business apps.

You know – why not?

Link to Exam: Here
Released: 31st March 2019
Practice Test: Available later in 2019
MOC Course: MB-900TO1A

Important Note: this exam prep guide should be used to supplement your own resources and should not be used for the whole of your learning. Some of the resources may be not completely cover the requirements especially if the requirement is vague. If you find better articles than the ones below, please feel free to reach out and I’ll amend.

Status: I passed this exam in April shortly after it came out. I had the mid type exam (55 questions) and for my own, there seemed to be more questions on the Understand Dynamics 365 and Cloud Concepts sections. Important note: whilst I cannot go into specific exam content it would be advantageous with this exam to thoroughly study

  • Dynamics 365 Licencing Guide with respect to licence minimums: Here
  • Dynamics 365 Security Roles and Privileges: Here

I would consider taking the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals course prior to MB-900 as it has the fullest coverage of Cloud Concepts.


Understand Dynamics 365 (40 – 45%)

Understand apps for customer engagement

Understand apps for unified operations

Understand power platform

Understand application basics

  • Infrastructure stack
    • Throughout Microsoft Learn Modules. No defined article.
  • Solutions basics
    • Throughout Microsoft Learn Modules. No defined article.


Understand cloud concepts (25-30%)

Understand cloud architecture

Compare different types of cloud services available

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Compare cloud offerings with corresponding on-premises offerings

  • Explore the stack
    • Throughout Microsoft Learn Modules. No defined article


Understand deployments and releases (20-25%)

Compare different types of deployments

Understand role-based security model

Understand GDPR


Understand licensing, onboarding, and support (15-20%)

Understand licensing options

Describe setup and support options


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