Microsoft Ignite 2020: My Sessions, 10 for Teams and Everything Else I’d Recommend

Written: 19/09/2020 | Updated: N/A

It seems bizarre that Ignite 2019 was only ten months ago. So much has happened. The world has changed. And yet – it seems like only yesterday I was getting on that bus heading down to the OCCC to speak for the first time. Now, all things considered what struck me the most – the insight if you will – was that Ignite is more about people than about tech. What? Ignite? The biggest Microsoft tech conference of the year? Yes. You see the thing is, past the tech each and every one of us are all in this together. We love technology. We love, as technologists, figuring things out and seeing things work. We love delivering and bringing to life technology which will make businesses more secure and more productive whilst making the lives of our colleagues and friends, and users a little easier. And whilst Ignite 2020 won’t be in person – a shame because I loved the thought of meeting up with everyone in the French Quarter of New Orleans for some gumbo, it’ll be just as personal. This event is for you. You are part of a community of millions coming together from every country and continent on the planet

If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you do so as soon as you can at


This year, with Ignite being a 3 day event rather than a 5 day event, the opportunities for community speaking was limited from the outset. I’m in 8 sessions overall this time around. 4 of these are with Microsoft Learning in my status as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and 4 of these are Ask The Expert (ATE) sessions which I applied for as a Teams MVP. Whilst I also got accepted to do Table Talks throughout Ignite scheduling conflicts meant I couldn’t participate in these which is a real shame given that I am such a big advocate of the Microsoft Tech Community and what Anna Chu and the team are doing.

I really hope you enjoy the sessions I am working on and look forward to hearing from you about them

LRN213 | Deploy Microsoft Teams Meetings
Link: Here
Role: Moderator

ATE-DB156: Ask the Expert: Creating a resilient, inclusive, and hybrid workplace with Microsoft Teams
Link: Here
Role: Moderator

ATE-DB151-R1: Meet smarter, stay focused, and achieve more with Microsoft Teams meetings
Link: Here
Role: Moderator

ATE-DB144: Ask the Expert: One place for admins to manage Microsoft Teams: What’s new in Teams manageability
Link: Here
Role: Moderator

LRN111: Intro to Microsoft 365
Link: Here
Role: Moderator

ATE-DB140-R1: Ask the Expert: What’s new in Microsoft Teams security and compliance
Link: Here
Role: Moderator/Speaker

LRN126: Intro to Microsoft Teams for IT
Link: Here
Role: Moderator

LRN135: Careers in Tech: Getting Ahead
Link: Here
Role: Speaker


Like previous years, Microsoft Teams is going to have a big presence again this year at Ignite. Whilst I am moderating 4 Ask The Expert Teams sessions (and speaking in one as a principal moderator on camera), I am also going to be attending most of the sessions on Teams to keep up to speed with the latest developments. Here are 10 which I have got on my schedule which I would recommend to anyone looking to get to know more about Teams. You can also have a deeper look at the sessions in the Ignite Teams Brochure at

Creating a resilient, inclusive, and hybrid workplace with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Live Q&A with Jeff Teper

Microsoft Teams Calling Made Simple

Meet smarter, stay focused, and achieve more with Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams | Core user controls and updates to meetings

Scale and Customize Virtual Meetings and Events with Microsoft Teams

What’s new in Microsoft Teams security and compliance

Advanced calling capabilities

Essentials for managing Microsoft Teams; Advanced manageability controls

Automate business process with Microsoft Teams with Power Automate

Also, don’t forget to go to for an opportunity to take a selfie and post it on social with a hashtag of #microsoftteams. You never know – it may just end up getting used during Ignite itself!


Whilst my principle focus at Ignite is on Teams, I am professionally interested in pretty much the whole Microsoft 365 stack. Here are some other sessions which I will watch throughout the conference, or be putting into the backpack to roll at a later date

Enabling collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Cortex, and more

Microsoft 365 administrator updates to enable secure and compliant work from anywhere

What’s New for Microsoft Stream and video in Microsoft 365

Employee Engagement and Communities in Microsoft 365

Build Agile Business Processes with Power Apps

What’s new & coming to OneDrive

What is Customer Advocacy in the Modern Workplace?

Reimagining work with the Microsoft 365 platform

Building a resilient organization on Microsoft 365

Simplify work with low-code solutions for Microsoft Teams & Microsoft 365

Windows 10 innovations for enhanced productivity and resiliency

Playing chess on a trampoline: How to innovate in an era of uncertainty


Being an MCT Regional Lead it’s really important to also cover the sessions related to learning and certification

What is Microsoft Learn and how can I leverage it beyond Microsoft Ignite?

Closing the Skills Gap with Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Certification

There are 75 intro to technical skills sessions and 30 Microsoft Learn Workshops so a lot to choose from in terms of learning. In addition, you can earn yourself a free Microsoft Exam at Ignite if you decide to take on the Cloud Skills Challenge. The Cloud Skills Challenge can be found alongside more information on the Intro to Tech Skills and Learn Workshops in the Learning Zone here


I would like to wish you all the best for a great Ignite experience! A few tips which may help during the three days given I have attended several virtual conferences already this year

  • There are a lot of sessions and it isn’t going to be possible to view them all during the conference. There will be conflicts. Use the backpack in order to go back and watch sessions you missed
  • Most sessions have repeats so look at all times as one could be better suited for your schedule
  • Sessions which are prerecorded can be watched anytime, prioritise live
  • Take regular breaks. You would take regular breaks at an in person conference. Stay hydrated and well fed and get away from the screen and stretch your legs
  • Ultimately, most things will be recorded so if you miss something you can always catch up. Don’t underprioritise family and friends!
  • Try and mix it up! There is a wide range of formats including Digital Breakouts, Learn Workshops and Table Talks. It could be more enjoyable to get involved in different sessions as opposed to just breakouts
  • Try to book a least a few sessions in every day, whilst you don’t want to take the spontaneity out of the event, having a few booked in will at least give you some structure throughout
  • Table Talks and Learn workshops are RSVP – book now to avoid disappointment
  • If a session is good, call out the session and the speaker on social
  • Do technical checks early on Tuesday to ensure you are good to go for the keynote
  • Stay in touch with colleagues and friends in Teams and even watch sessions together

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