Thanks for all your support in my first year as an MVP!

It’s October 2nd! I’ve now been an MVP for a year! And looking back over the last twelve months I wanted to take the time to call out a number of individuals who have helped along the way

To Vesku Nopanen, Adam Deltinger and Chris Webb my good friends who I talk to almost every day, build conferences with, do usergroups with, and like to have a bit of banter with in PGI’s. You are awesome.

To all of those which have supported Euro UG and TeamsFest from the very start: Rick Van Rousselt, Matti Paukkonen, Amanda Sterner, Laurent Carlier, Eric Marsi, Karoliina Kettukari, Magnus Goksoyr, Craig Chiffers

To the guys in the Tech Community who are still fighting the good fight! 99% last month! Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Vasil Michev, Linus Cansby, Steven Collier, Kevin Crossman, John Wynne, Dean Gross, Pervaiz Dostiyar, Peter Rising, Christian Bergstrom and, of course, Therese Solimeno

To all those who have given me the opportunity to speak at their great events over the past year: Brett Lonsdale, Adis Jugo, Mark Vale, Randy Chapman, Martin Boam, Chirag Patel, Russ Basiura, Joel Oleson, Jason Rivera, Sharon Sumner, Alberto Diaz Martin

To Raphael Koellner, Tomislav Karafilov and Thomas Stensitzski for the opportunity to speak regularly in Germany – a country that I love and one that I can’t wait to speak at in person when we can all travel safe again

To Kazeem Adegboyega for the opportunity to speak in Nigeria. We have a lot more to do together

To Nati Papirovitch and Alon Kaduri for the opportunity to speak in Israel which I never in a million years imagine I would do

To Phil Worrell, Alex Eggers, Chris Black, Mar Llambi, Habib Mankal and the many others who support me every day on social media. We really need to start a movement to get Phil in as an MVP don’t we

To all those at Microsoft who are so amazing at what they do and have supported me through TeamsFest or other endeavours: Pouneh Kaufman, Mark Kashman, Vesa Juvonen

To Anna Chu, soul of the Tech Community and her wonderful team Sarah Gilbert, Eric Starker and Dylan Snodgrass

To Mark O Shea, for all the wildlife

To Karuana – who kicks ass!

To Allie Wieczorek who has also survived teaching yet jumped out of the frying pan into the fire by heading up all the Office Apps and Services MVP’s. Hope y’all got to catch her at Ignite this year 😀

To my MVP Community Program Manager Claire Smyth who, for me, embodies everything England should be

And to Laurie – our Teams Community Lead. She has helped me so much over the last year. I think it’s pretty well known at this point that my story with the community started with her.

If there is anyone I haven’t mentioned, I can only apologise as it’s been a crazy year to the point I can’t remember half of it. If I haven’t worked with you up until now then I am really looking forward to the opportunity of doing so in the future. I continue to be inspired by the greats like Dux Raymond Sy, Loryan Strant, Paul Cunningham and Martina Grom, but this year has been one where I found out who I want to be as an MVP

Here’s to the next 10 – and lots of laughter and good times

Best, Chris