Merry Christmas and thanks for 2020!

As this crazy year wraps up, I want to say a massive thank you to the community and for making me feel such a part of things throughout 2020. Involvement in the community and this deep sense of solidarity is a big reason why I feel that even whilst I am here, now, in Tier 4 lockdown being in the south of the UK, I haven’t been impacted anywhere near the extent of others

What you have given me has been so much more than what I have given in return

I have been so very privileged to take part in many wonderful events this year. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to do so. Microsoft Ignite, Commsverse, the Galactic Summit, the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon, Teams Day Online, Teams Community Day DE, SharePoint Saturday Cologne, aMS Germany, Collabdays Across the Alps, Microsoft 365 Philly, Microsoft 365 Cincinnati, Microsoft 365 Chicago, Microsoft 365 Israel. It was awesome to speak to an African audience for the first time and in the Microsoft Reactor for the first time. It was a dream to return to speak at Microsoft 365 Madrid, to a place where I have such fond memories. But it is not only about the large audiences – I loved speaking too at usergroups such as Microsoft Teams Meetup Berlin, the Microsoft 365 UK Usergroup, or the Tri State Office 365 user group

I hope you liked my sessions if you managed to attend one, or my blogs if you had the opportunity to read one. I hope that I answered a question for you in the Tech Community or that you had the chance to attend a TeamsFest event or monthly meet up which is moving forward into 2021 as Teams Nation. I hope that I didn’t overwhelm you too much on social and always managed to keep it relevant

So calling out all those who helped me this year

Vesa Nopanen, Adam Deltinger, Chris Webb, Laurie Pottmeyer, Karuana Gatimu, Jeff Teper, Allie Wieczorek, Claire Smyth, Therese Solimeno, Shelly Figuroa, Anna Chu, Mark O Shea, Sarah Gilbert and the Tech Community Team, Dux Raymond Sy, Matt Wade, Raphael Kollner, Tomislav Karafilov, Thomas Stensitski, Hans Brender, Sascha Friedrich, Michael Plettner, Thorsten Pickhan, Andreas Schluter, Corinna Lins, Antje Lamartine, Thomy Goelles, Martina Grom, Toni Pohl, Nicole Enders, Ragnar Heil, Patrick Guimonet, Hadrian Nessim Socard, Theophile Chin Nin, Yannick Reekmans, Carmen Ysewijn, Marco Rocca, Fabio Franzini, John Wynne, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Ferran Chopo, Adrian Diaz Cervera, Vasil Michev, Linus Cansby, Steven Collier, Kevin Crossman, Dean Gross, Pervaiz Dostiyar, Peter Rising, Lalit Mohan, John Moore, Christian Bergstrom, Rick Van Rousselt, Matti Paukkonen, Amanda Sterner, Laurent Carlier, Eric Marsi, Karoliina Kettukari, Magnus Goksoyr, Craig Chiffers, Loryan Strant, Megan Strant, Tomasz Poszytek, Edyta Gorzon, Brett Lonsdale, Magnus Sandtorv, Adis Jugo, Mark Vale, Randy Chapman, Martin Boam, Lee Ford, Chirag Patel, Russ Basiura, David Patrick, Joel Oleson, Jason Rivera, Sharon Sumner, Simon Binder, Alberto Diaz Martin, Kazeem Adegboyega, Nati Papirovitch, Alon Kaduri, Phil Worrell, Alex Eggers, Chris Black, Mar Llambi, Habib Mankal, Dino Caputo, Michael LaMontagne, Curtis Johnstone, Pouneh Kaufman, Mark Kashman, Vesa Juvonen, Liz Sundet, Jay Leask, Ralph Rivas, Michael Blumenthal, Andrew Kemp, Chintan Patel,

I wish you all a safe Christmas and New Year for both you and your families

I can’t wait to get started in 2021. I can’t wait to see you again soon.

Whether it is in person or virtual we have a lot more to do together

Best, Chris

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