An Invite to Teams Nation: Headliners, Call for Speakers and Moderators

It’s time to start again. A new conference with a new name.

Back in November we announced that we were leaving TeamsFest behind and moving forward with Teams Nation. It’s a decision that we were thinking about for some time given we wanted to become more inclusive of our audience outside of Europe, but we also wanted to avoid conflict with other parties who had a desire to use the name. Now – as then – we wish them the very best and hope it brings them as much success that we had the last few years. So what have we been up to since then? Over the last two months, we have worked on consolidating our old user group, the European Teams User Group into the Teams Nation Monthly meetup and so far we’ve have had some awesome sessions from speakers such as Hadrian Nessim Socard, Tomasz Poszytek, Joao Ferreira and Albert Hoitingh. With more attendees than ever before, our meetup group has grown to over 150 members in a really short space of time. We’ve set up on Twitter. We’ve set up on LinkedIn. I think Vesku mentioned he spun something up on Insta. It’s gone well so far with the kind of incremental growth that is really nice to see. We’re already booking up for the monthly meetup into June

We’ve also been working on the conference

The conference is what most people know us for. I covered a little bit about the history when we announced back in November and the story focussed on how much we have basically grown with each conference we have organised. Let’s just say we’ve had some interesting times along the way. But one thing that we have always been humbled by is the amount of support people have given us, and the positive feedback. A lot of people say they enjoy our events and as an organiser, that’s all you can really ask. That’s why we do it. We don’t aim to be the biggest or the flashiest event. We operate on a set of principles that are different from most others such as we don’t have corporate sponsors. If you have ever attended a meetup of ours you’ll know that we are passionate about creating a community of Microsoft Teams advocates, and help others by democratising our knowledge and experience. If we do as well as the last one – the last one having over 1300 attendees, a 4.7/5 conference rating and a +80% Net Promoter Score, we’ll be more than happy.

In terms of where we are with the current conference, it’s now set for Wednesday 12th May 2021. At the next monthly meetup on the 25th January 2021 we will announce

  • Our Headliners from Microsoft
  • The Call for Speakers
  • The Call for Moderators

We will also have another two great sessions from our friends Michael Plettner and Matti Paukkonen.

We hope that you can join us for the meetup on the 25th. The deck is ready. The announcements are ready. Everything has been setup ready to go. As we typically try out new things every conference to try and keep it fresh we’ll have a few surprises for you too

Teams Nation Monthly Meet-Up January | Meetup

We can’t wait to see you at the conference in May

Best, Chris