Goodbye to #Teams Nation

To all our friends,

Over the past three years, we have come together to share our passion about Microsoft Teams. From a small event of just over 20 speakers and 400 attendees, we grew to become the largest online community conference dedicated to Microsoft Teams in the world.

We wanted to create something that we could proud of. Something based upon principles and values.

Something which was truly yours. Not ours.

Today, we decided that all good things must come to an end. We could talk about metrics – the last conference having 3,000 attendees, a 4.82/5 session average, a 4.75/5 conference average and an 87% NPS. But life is more important than numbers: we wanted to go out on a high, with all of our experience going into the finale.

We would like to thank all of the speakers who have taken the time over the years to write and speak for us. The members of the Microsoft Product Groups who have always supported us. The moderators who have worked tirelessly to champion the event and be the perfect hosts for us. To everyone who ever attended a session of ours.

We hope you remember us well.

As Jeff says – You are the best community in tech

For anyone wondering, the videos from the final conference will be up on our YouTube site in the coming weeks.

Chris, Adam, Vesku, Chris, Paul and Matti