Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Videos on the Meeting Stage – Live Share with YouTube

Written: 16/07/2022 | Updated: N/A

This week, it is a new functionality called Live Share which we heard about at Microsoft Build back in May. It’s being able to use collaborative apps on the Teams meeting stage powered by fluid. I haven’t seen anything on a roadmap (granted I haven’t been looking). I haven’t been privy to it in some insider session. I stumbled across it yesterday after playing about with transcripts and discovered that you can now do this in preview with the YouTube App. So lets surface video right into the heart of the meeting. Great for lots of scenarios without having to share the whole screen, or – as our favourite expression goes – keeping in the flow of the work. So naturally once I’ve done this I’ll be off to ask my friend Mark Mroz and the Stream Team all about the timeline…

Let’s go.

This blog will cover

  • Setting up Public Preview
  • Using Live Share with the YouTube App
  • FAQ

NOTE: This blog may have abridged steps and will assume some familiarity with Teams


  • Teams Administrator or Global Administrator permissions (for configuration of Public Preview)
  • Teams Licences (within an Office 365/Microsoft 365 Licence)
  • Public preview for those who attend the meeting
  • The YouTube App enabled in the Teams App Permission Policies

NOTE: This has been tested as working on the Teams Desktop App and the Teams Web App.


1.) Log into

2.) From the left rail, or from the waffle, select Admin

3.) In the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre, select Show All and then select Teams

4.) Select Teams, then Teams Update Policies. If you want to enable for all users ensure Show Preview Features is set to Enabled in the global org wide policy. If you want to enable for some users, ensure you create a custom policy, again, with Show Preview Features is set to Enabled

5.) After a few hours of the policy being set, have the users log out and log back in again to Teams. Get them to select More Options (…) next to the avatar, then About then Public Preview

6.) Successfully being in Public Preview the avatar will be marked with a P


Now that we understand how to enable Public Preview, this needs to be enabled for all users who will intend to use Live Share (otherwise it won’t work). Now time to set up the meeting and use Live Share

1.) In the Teams client, select the calendar app

2.) Select New Meeting

3.) Add all the details, such as the title, attendees, etc and select Send. The meeting will be booked

4.) Open/Edit that meeting and select + (Add)

5.) Search for and select YouTube

6.) The notification will actually say that using YouTube for Live Share is currently in preview. Select Save

7.) At this point nothing needs to be done, YouTube has only been added as an app prior to the meeting

When ready for the meeting select Join

8.) In the meeting select the YouTube app from the control bar

9.) The YouTube app now connects to a Live Share Session

10.) Now search for a video on YouTube. This search searches for David Bowie’s Let’s Dance video. Select Add to Queue to build out a list of videos

11.) On the video to use in the meeting select Watch Together

12.) This then pushes the video to the meeting stage

13.) The video can then be enjoyed by the meeting attendees

14.) For example. this shows the video being enjoyed by a meeting member – Adam – via the web client experience

15.) Control of the videos can be toggled down the bottom of the meeting stage via Group Control which allows other members to control the stage and add videos to the meeting


Q.) What are the prerequisites to this?
A.) YouTube needs to be permitted via the app permissions policy for users within the meeting. Also, at the time of writing all meeting members must be in public preview otherwise they get a notification on the meeting stage that someone is sharing an app and its not currently supported

Q.) How many videos can be supported on the queue?
A.) At the time of writing tested at least five. Should be more than this, however if the videos scroll off the page this could get harder to manage

Q.) How to remove videos?
A.) Select the More Options (…) on the video

Q.) Can the YouTube App be used on the fly as opposed to being set up before the meeting?
A.) Yes, this functionality can be used in scheduled or ad-hoc (meet now) meetings. In an Ad Hoc meeting you would search for and find YouTube via Apps (+)

Q.) Could I see everyone dancing to a music video?
A.) Yes, music videos could be used in conjunction with together mode 😀

Q.) Is Pop Out supported?
A.) Yes

Q.) Does the video list for the meeting cache?
A.) On testing whilst the video list doesn’t show in the associated Teams Chat, it does reappear if you leave and rejoin the meeting at a later time

Q.) This would be awesome if I could also do this with Stream
A.) Yes, it would – and I’ll be asking them!

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