Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Nested Dynamic Groups via Azure AD in Entra

So imagine this scenario. Say we have two teams in our organisation. One team is the Sales Team. The other is the Marketing Team. I need to ensure specific users are part of the Sales Team dependent upon their role. I need to then make sure that specific users are part of the Marketing Team dependent upon their role. For this? We can use Dynamic Groups. But now we need to ensure that everyone in the Sales and Marketing Team need to be in a third team - the Commercial Team, and this also needs to be done automatically without manual adds. For this we are going to use a new functionality called Nested Dynamic Groups. Users of Dynamic Group A comprise of Users dynamically added and removed within Dynamic Group B and Dynamic Group C. Sounds pretty nuts. But it's straightforward as I'll show you. Nested Dynamics Groups support Security Groups and Microsoft 365 groups - so we can use them for Teams. As a public preview feature there is some caveats such as they aren't supported in the rule builder. The full list is in the footnotes I'm sure they'll knock them out soon.