Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Setting up a Multi-Stage Access Review for Inactive Users in a Team

So Build is in the books. And it was awesome. And I got to catch up with friends such as Vesa Nopanen, Chirag Patel, Sharon Sumner, Al Eardley, Kevin McDonnell, Chris Huntingford and Claire Smyth. I got to speak a bit on Metaverse and delivering next-gen experiences at scale at Microsoft 365. I got to start an Anti-Sticker and Pro-Golf (the car) movement with Garry Trinder. And then there was great food - and I am going to call out the wall full of doughnuts up on the first floor where I was speaking in particular. But all good things must come to an end. And by end I mean an opportunity to do other good things such as getting back to the blog. Now, I was torn between doing something quick and dirty this week, and doing something a bit more intricate. This is because Stranger Things Season 4 came out a few days ago. But however interesting the Mind-Flayer is, the Demogorgon - whoever they got this time running around going off their nut in Hawkins, Azure AD has a few new pieces currently in Preview regarding the old Identity Governance. So this is going to show off both multi-stage access reviews, as well as the ability to now remove Azure AD inactive users within the context of Teams. This will be another tool in the toolkit for dealing with Stale Users and Stale Guests: all of which could be used to get through to your users or your data.