Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Using B2B Management Policy in Azure AD to block Guest invitations to specific domains

called a B2B Management Policy. Now, why would we use this and how does it fit in with how we already manage guests? In terms of how we would use this, think of it as follows. When we enable guests in the TAC, we allow Teams owners to invite B2B users from any organisation. That's cool and frictionless - except thinking about zero trust, it means that we could be leaving ourselves open to insider risk and competitors being added to our Teams. Now, we could go down the route of using sensitivity labels - but we really want to simply block the competitors whole org and any of their users being added to ours as guests. We could go down the route of entitlement management - but this can be heavy and would involve actions on the part of users: besides; it could be bypassed anyway as EM doesn't lock the ability to add guests via Teams. No, we want something quick and frictionless and automatic: an all out block across the tenant. Well, we can do this in Azure AD. Now, to set expectation two things. Number one: this is simply another useful tool in the kit bag regarding management of guests: you would still use sensitivity labels and EM and this would simply layer over the top of that. Secondly, this isn't something that will all out block all sharing and communication with other domains: other things need to be added which will be referred to below. All good?