Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Group Policy Assignment

Ignite is over! It went by so damn fast! And getting to the end of the week it was - admittedly - really tempting to do a blog regarding all of the new functionality which is incoming into Microsoft Teams. However, since there are loads of these blogs at the moment, and since I'll be covering them as they come into play anyway, I thought I would focus in on a nice add which I saw has surfaced recently in the TAC called Group Policy Assignment. Group Policy Assignment allows you to manage Teams policies at scale, applying them to many users based upon membership of a group. This could be the underlying Microsoft 365 group of a Team, this could be a security group, it could even be a distribution group. Now, when you consider it could be any kind of group then this becomes quite powerful. You could, for example, use policies alongside dynamic group membership. Or you could apply policies for specific roles or hierarchies. And the beauty of all this is that you no longer have to do it all by assigning policies directly to specific users. Simply by adding a user, for example, to a specific security group they can have all their policies assigned in one go. By using Powershell, you could add hundreds of users to the same security group and all of their policies - from messaging to meetings - would be assigned and ready to go in a matter of minutes