Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Get Ready for Teams Public Preview

Preview features. When I was starting out in my IT career - in what is now rapidly becoming a long time ago - I wanted all the access and all the features you could imagine. Now, I am not going to lie to you this was all largely driven from a need to know first. I wanted to know first and wanted to get stuck in in order to a.) make my life easier and b.) get ahead of the curve to show customers that I knew what I was talking about. Whilst this isn't quite the case anymore since I believe in security principles such as RBAC, that things are more polished when they hit GA, and having been a frequent flyer to the wild west without an SLA, I still can't quite resist the lure of something new. So its been with interest that I have monitored the development of the new public preview feature for Microsoft Teams which has now surfaced in the Teams Admin Centre prior to work beginning on the Teams client to consume it. So here's the million dollar question - why has Microsoft introduced a public preview specifically for Teams when you could already set targeted release in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre?