Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Teams and Skype Consumer Interop is here

You know, Teams to Skype consumer interop is a really interesting one for me because for the longest time this functionality wasn't going to happen. If you ever came across or looked up the associated Uservoice you would have seen it as being declined by the product team - and its not difficult to understand the reasons why Microsoft did for so long. Skype for Business online ends July 2021. Many feel it's time to bid farewell to the Skype brand and move on. We get it. Many of us have, and many of us did so purely because of all the functionality and productivity adds Teams has over Skype. Except some organisations have held off precisely because it didn't interop with Skype consumer; they needed it to work with other orgs and customers in a B2B and B2C context. Microsoft - all credit to them - had to make a call, and that call was Teams had to interop going forward. A 180 this may be - but ultimately, Microsoft has got it right. Nostalgia and sentimentality aside, there shouldn't be any more reasons why an org should remain on Skype for Business online, but it's gives the upside that Teams users will be able to message and call customers, or loved ones which use Skype consumer, and vice versa

Question Time: Where do you stand on these new Teams features?

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