Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s Do Collaborative Calling

I remember Ignite 2020 well. Uber long days and an obscene amount of awesome content that between speaking and moderating it was an all-you-can-eat buffet both live and on demand. Day 1 was frontloaded with so many big sessions on Teams. After Nadella, it was Spataro. After Spataro, it was Teper. Then after Teper, Herskowitz. Then it was Torok and so on and so forth. After taking a 'break' moderating a 90 minute Learn session with worldwide learning on Teams which washed up about 10pm it was back into the fray. Sec. Power Platform. Yet the way my schedule had panned out I ended that first day watching a double header on Teams calling. The first was with Paul Cannon which was the live session and the second was the advanced calling session on demand. Whilst the second session was valuable simply for the announcement of dynamic CLID's which I'd been getting asked for a lot, it was the first - the one with Cannon which really had the goods. First, Collaborative Calling. Second, a refresh of the Calling UX. Now, the refresh was clever - shifting the dial pad and basing the app around call history because not only was it streamlining a number of unnecessary pages it was rooting calling in calls as opposed to people. But the real gold was collaborative calling. This is the ability to connect a call queue to a teams channel where users can collaborate and share information in the channel while taking calls in the queue. Many admins I knew had wanted it and wanted it bad. For a long long time. Yes, it wasn't comms credits in CSP, nor was it smaller domestic SKU's - I think there will be celebrations when these occur, but oversight of a call queue where every member assigned to that call queue can work together: this is a big gap that Microsoft committed to plugging. I thought personally it was one of the best announcements of Ignite 2020. It's a real quality add and it's awesome that it's finally here.