Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Getting Hands on with Perspectives

Today at Microsoft Build it was great to run a Table Talk with Vesku Nopanen, Reza Dorrani, Mar Llambi, Karoliina Kettukari and April Dunnum. Lots of people showed up. I think - and I say think - we answered most questions. The chat was moving so fast that Reza, Mar and I were leapfrogging each other trying to answer them in time. There's a lot of interest about Dataverse for Microsoft Teams - particularly the apps which can be installed in them and extended with by Fusion Teams - Teams which are mixes of citizen and professional developers. Now some of these apps you may already know and used, and some of them I have already written about: Bulletins and Employee Ideas. There's Milestones too and a few others. Today, at Microsoft Build, three more were announced. Profile Plus, Perspectives and Boards. Over the next few days I am going to write about all three and all three are available in preview. Today I am going to cover Perspectives.