Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Multi Language Teams Meeting Invites

English. 'The English language is so elastic that you can find another word to say the same thing'. So said Mahatma Gandhi. Yet did you know that for almost 300 years in the early history of England the official language of England was actually French? Or that English is in fact a West Germanic language? Spoken today by almost 1 billion people it is the most widely understood language of the EU even though we are no longer a part of the union. Oh the irony. Nevertheless it is often said - typically by the British themselves that we are lazy when it comes to learning other languages. Whilst that may be true and whilst I am not a philologist what is a fact is that many organisations are multilingual, who have staff located all over the world. Many organisations also conduct business, communicate and collaborate with each other using Microsoft Teams all over the world. So in order to better facilitate the meeting join experience - as in not simply forcing everyone to use the default language of their tenant, Microsoft have introduced Multi-language Teams meeting invites. This allows administrators invite control to display the join information in meeting invitations in up to two languages across all email platforms. At the time of writing this hasn't surfaced in the TAC - so let's take a look with good old PowerShell in my Ring 4 tenant.