Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Bringing Power Pages into Microsoft Teams

It's been an uber busy week. A lot of delivery including a two day hands on SCI Fundamentals which was awesome - and getting together with Raphael and Jennifer K├Âllner to speak at GSCC on E2EE encryption which was also awesome. There's been lots of programmatic changes. There's been building multiple Power BI dashboards. Spinning up Flows. Lists. Video. You name it. But I also got some time to go to the circus and despite my life being - too all extents - a circus, it was a few hours of some well needed respite to sit back with the family, load up on the nachos, candy floss, coke - and whatever else was bad for the cardiovascular system and take in the spectacle. Now, there may very well have been multiple changes in Microsoft Teams this week. I haven't monitored the roadmap, nor cast an eye over the demo tenants as I usually do. But I have been meaning for a few weeks to get around to looking at Power Pages since the announcement at Build. Power Pages - previously Power Apps Portals - are now a product in themselves having split out from Power Apps. Up until this blog I haven't touched Power Pages, so this is going to be an exploratory just to see if I can deploy one via a 90 day trial and then see if I can surface them in Teams. Over the past few weeks I've been talking about Stream Portals so this seems to fit in flush. Moreso, I think their will be a lot of discussion moving forward generally regarding portals in the broadest sense. Viva Connections. Stream Portals. Power Pages. I can foresee a session at some community on Portals: what to use when and some plucky MVP getting up to compare