Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s build a Stream Video Portal in Teams

Ok. So unlike yesterday I have a few hours at my disposal and I wanted to test seeing whether I could build a Stream video portal in Teams. These videos should be surfaceable - but not as a tab in some team which I am a part of. These would be ideally surfaced as a personal tab in the app rail where I can access my videos at any point in time right in the flow of my work. Now the reason I want this is because I am a trainer, and as a trainer I have assets for courses which I want to serve up using the Shared System Audio feature in Teams. With the arrival of chapters and transcript, I will hopefully create this great situation for myself where I can have videos for my courses, and then chop those videos up into chapters to easy access to show what I need. So yeah, whilst this could have good application within my own organisation I am actually doing this one for my own personal gain. The cool thing about this is that in using SharePoint as the base for the video portal, we could enrich that video portal with files and loads of other stuff. But here I am going to aim at a version 1.