Direct the App Tile Launcher to the new Stream on SharePoint web app experience in – Via GUI or PowerShell

Hope your enjoying the Jubilee bank holiday this weekend! After taking my five year old to a two hour - yes you read that right - two hour pantomime today let's just say I'm 99% there on the old cognitive load. I'll be giving the BBC coverage of Party at the Palace a miss. I'll be giving TV a miss. In fact, I'll be enjoying silence in the most myriad and profound kind of ways. So in order to unpack I'd thought I do a quick blog. A virtual commute as you will. Into nothingness. In 45 minutes I am going to discuss how an org can direct to the new Stream on SharePoint experience for their users in - which I see has now dropped into Ring 4 in a test tenant. It was only a few weeks ago - maybe a month - where I discussed the new Video Chapters. A few months prior to that I discussed how it was possible to use the URL to get to the new web app experience. The point is with the introduction of the web app and the player I feel we are moving towards a tipping point in the transition from classic to Stream on SharePoint. I feel we are starting to get to the good stuff. So what is this blog in particular addressing? Well Stream in the App Tile Launcher - what you and I know as the Waffle - in continues to direct to classic ( whereas you can now set it in the SharePoint Admin Centre to direct to Stream on SharePoint ( As much as users knowing the URL it's never going to be as memorable as just redirecting via the App launcher. So let's take a quick look, as there isn't much to do - rather you just need to know where to switch it. Later on, I am sure it'll become the default