Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Using Tags for Targeted Communications

Imagine a scenario where someone in a Team wants to specifically start a conversation with just three or four people - a sub group - within the Team. Think of a project manager who wants to reach out to provisioning. A teacher who wants to reach out to learning assistants. A head coach who wants to reach out to assistants. A CEO who wants to reach out to sales. This individual targets specific people - but doesn't want to mention the whole team, the whole channel and doesn't want to go through the laborius process of mentioning each individual person. This is now possible with Tags. Tags let users communicate with a subset of team members without disturbing the whole in a targeted manner. Both owners and members (if enabled) can add one or multiple tags to a team member. The tags can then be used in @mentions by anyone on the team in a channel post or to start a conversation with only those people who are assigned that tag.