12 features I would like to see land in Microsoft Teams in 2022

I was writing up an answer in the Microsoft Tech Community today when it struck me that Teams is nearly 5 years old. That's right - 5 years! Nearly as old as my son. Yet apart from feeling like time has gone by inexplicably fast - as you so often do as a parent, I also felt two things really brought home the fact that I am still incredibly invested in it. One - I still feel the best is yet to come: that even after five years of maturation we all know it can still be so much more than it is. And two, the longer I work with Teams the less I find myself concerned with the flash and more about the fundamentals; those little vital things which make it better to use on a day to day basis

12 features I would like to see land in Microsoft Teams in 2021

Back when I attended Microsoft Inspire in 2019 I remember going to the pre-day at the Mandalay and being absolutely blown away by the numbers. Teams had hit 13 million daily active users (DAU), surpassing Slack for the first time. There was this nice chart which was unveiled to a lot of applause and fanfare - and that was before Gio Mezgec and the team rolled out the numbers they aimed for in fiscal 2020. Back then, they wanted to top 50 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) which constituted 275% growth over the following 12 months. Ambitious. Needless to say there was a lot of Teams sessions at Inspire 2019

12 features I would like to see land in Microsoft Teams in 2020

2019 was, by all accounts, another triumphant year for Microsoft Teams. It won at Enterprise Connect for the second time in a row. It overtook it's principle competitor Slack in terms of Daily Active Users (DAU). It delivered a ton of new features including Private Channels which users had been waiting for for some time.