Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Quick Polls in Chats and Meetings using Forms

Like most people I know, Polly has been my go-to-app for polling in Teams. Why? Because it is easy to setup and Polls are effective in a number of collaboration scenarios - opinions, feedback, choice, sentiment. In a learning context, they are great for formative assessment and driving incremental improvements to the learning. However, imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that Forms can also do polls - something which I either missed in the absolute avalanche of new functionality which has come this year or which has always been there and which is an astounding oversight on my part. Either way, I'm a big advocate of Forms - I use it a ton and am enjoying seeing it mature. On it's current trajectory, I anticipate that it'll displace the use of Polly - particularly for people like me who almost always take Microsoft apps over third parties. Of course, whether it builds on the quick poll context outlined here - as in snap polls of a very simple nature - remains to be seen. You know me. I very much hope it does.