Teams Real Simple with Pictures: So you don’t want to see Freehand by InVision in Teams Meetings anymore? No problem.

It's kind of a weird time. A bit of a dry summer if you will. There hasn't been a lot of conferences on or events. I haven't written tons of blogs; mainly because there hasn't been a great deal of major change when it comes to Teams the last few months. And whilst I've tried to keep things ticking over with a few user groups and a session at the Microsoft Reactor, I'm very much looking forward to things picking back up again in the Autumn. I'll be at Commsverse. I'll be at South Coast Summit too. There are several other events I may be at. But let's see. I was saying to Vesku [Nopanen] we certainly all need a break given how crazy 2021 has been - we probably managed to stuff enough into H1 to compare to the whole of 2020: yet at the same time you always get the sense of wanting to be back out there and doing more. So this week the subject is, I guess, a bit of a filler - but it's a legitimate ask and something I was asked this week by someone in my org. You yourselves may get asked at some point in the future. Why is Freehand by InVision visible in Teams Meetings? How can I get rid of it? Good news - there are ways and we can certainly do that. Can you as a user get rid of it by yourself? No. And there's a bigger issue for you, the admin, than you realise. Why? Because Microsoft already have a Whiteboard app. Freehand by InVision is a third party app. What's the problem with this? Users may get confused and when asked to use the Whiteboard they may end up using the wrong one, signing up for the third party app and then having company data stored in third party storage. You know, before the new meeting experience in Teams rolled out, people always asked why InVision was there and why Microsoft seemed to prioritise this specific app over others. If my memory serves me correctly it was in Teams before Microsoft's own. However, with the ability to add apps to Teams Meetings due to meeting extensibility you would think it would be there not on the sharing screen, visible, by default. Now don't get me wrong - this blog isn't beating up on Freehand by InVision. Personally I have used it and I think it's a solid app. However, this isn't about whether an app is good or not. It's about ensuring an easy and straightforward meeting experience for users who may not be as tech savvy as you. It is about compliance and it's about users like me who if you never use something, and are likely never going to, why is it there at all?