Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Leaving another organisation to reduce tenant sprawl

Guest access is an amazing feature of Teams. Why? Because it gives members of the Team access to other organisations Teams, resources and assets. It allows them to collaborate seamlessly with others outside of the organisation in real time. However, for many reasons, collaboration may come to an end. This may be because the project has ended and collaboration was only short term. This may because we now do things in a different way I.e. via private channels in our own tenant as opposed in collaborating in another. Whilst Azure AD access reviews and entitlement management can remove guests from Teams and from another organisations' tenant, it is often a case that the other organisation hasn't implemented these or doesn't have the licencing (Current Azure AD P2). Therefore, as guests, members of the team often have access to tenants they don't want, or - more the case - don't need. It creates complexity and clutter. In the same way we now recognise Teams sprawl, tenant sprawl canĀ also an issue. We therefore need to know how we can request removal and how the other organisation can remove us