Teams Real Simple with Pictures: How are the Team accessing Teams? And from where?

Why would we want to know how the Team accesses Teams and from where? Firstly, it can tell us more about the Team - do they prefer to use their apps online as opposed to the desktop? If they use Teams like this maybe they use Office like this? It may determine the device which is ideal for them in the future. It could help us with licencing too. If they don't use desktop apps then maybe they would be better suited to an F1 licence rather than something like an E3. That's good for our business and its the whole point about Microsoft 365 - it facilitates how users want to work. Secondly, it may be important in terms of security: for example, who is accessing Teams outside of work hours and where? We could be considering a conditional access policy and want to see the typical locations that users are accessing it from before applying it.