Teams Nation reaches 1000 registrants, and will be returning April 6th 2022

The excitement for Teams Nation is building. Today, we discovered that we had surpassed 1000 registrants, which is absolutely amazing considering that just a few weeks ago we thought that we may not have been able to run Teams Nation at all. Now that the dates for Microsoft Build have been officially confirmed (25th - 27th May) we can disclose that we discovered these dates via a leak online and had to make an immediate call on whether to stick with the date of 26th May, whether to reschedule or whether to cancel it outright. Since we had committed to doing another event last October - the first since we changed the name from TeamsFest to Teams Nation we really didn't want to can it since we had been working on it since the new year. We also decided that it would be unfair to make attendees choose between Teams Nation and Build as we thought many who would register for our event would ultimately like to attend both. So we ended up bringing Teams Nation forward by two weeks to Wednesday 12th May. Our choice on this date is mainly due to when all of us were available, as well as avoiding conflicts or being too close to any other events that we were aware of in the calendar