Teams Real Simple with Pictures: TAC Adds: PSTN Service Desk, Downloading Engagement Report, Webinar Registration and Cloud Recording for 1:1 Calls

There is a conversation which crops up in the MVP community from time to time; and one which everyone seems to have an opinion on. This is as follows - should Microsoft release functionality which is only configurable via PowerShell and not supported in the Teams Admin Centre (TAC) or via API. One good example of this was the ability to control custom backgrounds for Teams users. TAC support later came out which I covered in this post, yet many argued that TAC integration ought to have been something included from the start as it excluded admins which didn't have the experience, didn't have the permissions or didn't want to do it via PowerShell. On the other hand, others would say that as a Teams Admin a working knowledge of PowerShell should be a prerequisite for the role. Where do you stand? I guess one of the upsides of this long running series is that it's all about doing, so I don't really have to get into a philosophical debate about it: it's isn't Plato's symposium this is just how it can be done. Yet methodology is important to a lot of people, and I guess if I had to decide I would be split because from my perspective everything is driven by pragmatism - what I were trying to achieve - and inclusion, which means I would use both because both have their merits and reach a wider audience. That's what this blog concerns today. After browsing the TAC this morning in my Ring 4 GA demo tenant there seems to be a few noteworthy adds. That's good for us we have more options. I was going to do the blog this weekend purely on the new PSTN Service Desk Support but thought nah it would be cheap trying to make two blogs out of it so here they are all together amalgamated under TAC Adds. Have fun!