Microsoft 365: Mobility & Security (MS-101) Exam Prep Guide

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Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy – because Kansas is going bye-bye.

In the previous blog post on MS-100 we saw that there was more than a passing resemblance to 70-346 – and even though there were some new subjects like Azure B2B the core of the exam was pretty much there. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about MS-101 and 70-347. What was 70-347 has now been carved up between MS-100 (Office 365 Pro Plus) and the Associate workloads. What’s in it’s place? A amalgamation of the single security aspect of 70-347, elements of 70-697 and 70-695. I would go as far as to say that what we are actually looking at is the Enterprise version of the Mobility and Security MTA’s (98-367/368) in the context of Microsoft 365. Lots of EMS, lots of Windows 10, lots of Security and Compliance.

For those still working predominantly with Office 365 – welcome to the desert of the real.

Yet the difficulty with this exam – tougher and broader than MS-100 – is also it’s biggest opportunity. It is likely that those who are looking to take this have far less exposure and experience in respect to what is covered as it tends to be in Enterprise SKU’s and rolled out in Enterprises. It is rarer, for example, to put an SMB in a hybrid state with co-management. It is rarer to deploy things such as Azure ATP, Cloud App Security (MCAS) or Windows Defender ATP (WDATP) in those organisations simply because they typically can’t afford SKU’s such as Microsoft 365 E5. The upside to all this is that it provides you with a real opportunity to engage with this subject matter so its no longer alien. It would also set you up nicely to take the MS-500 Security Administrator Associate exam later on. No doubt, those who come from an MCSE mobility background or up through MS-500 are going to have a natural advantage in this one. 

MS-101 is part of the Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. On it’s own, it will only be an exam on your transcript. You’ll need MS-100 and then you’ll need either one of the new associate workloads (MS-200 – MS-500 exams) or MCSE Productivity. So for all those still kicking off about no transition exam your Office 365 MCSA may count after all.

Link to Exam: Here
Released: 5th November 2018 (Now in General Availability)
Practice Test: Available later in 2019
MOC Course: Available (MS-101T01, T02, T03)

Important Note: this exam prep guide should be used to supplement your own resources and should not be used for the whole of your learning. Some of the resources may be not completely cover the requirements especially if the requirement is vague. If you find better articles than the ones below, please feel free to reach out and I’ll amend.

Status: I passed this exam on 12/02/2019 when it wasn’t long into GA. I had 60 odd questions in this particular paper. There was a lot of questions on co-management and Windows Defender ATP (WDATP). This was probably the toughest MCP exam I have done to date so come prepared.


Implement Modern Device Services (30 – 35%)

Implement Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Manage device compliance

Plan for devices and apps

Plan Windows 10 deployment


Implement Microsoft 365 Security and Threat Management (30 – 35%)

Implement Cloud App Security (CAS)

Implement threat management

Implement Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Manage security reports and alerts


Manage Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance (30 – 35%)

Configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Implement Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Manage data governance

Manage auditing

Manage eDiscovery

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