Microsoft 365: Mobility & Security (MS-101) Exam Prep Guide

Buckle up Dorothy - we're not in Kansas anymore. In the previous blog post on MS-100 we saw that there was more than a passing resemblance to 70-346 - and even though there were some new subjects like Azure B2B, the core of the exam was pretty much there. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about MS-101 and 70-347. What was 70-347 has now been carved up between MS-100 (Office 365 Pro Plus) and the Associate workloads. What's in it's place? A amalgamation of the security aspects of 70-347, elements of 70-697 and 70-695. I would go as far as to say that what we are actually looking at is the Enterprise version of the Mobility and Security MTA's (98-367/368) in the context of Microsoft 365. Lots of EMS, lots of Windows 10, lots of the Security and Compliance .

Question Time: What are your plans for Microsoft 365 Certification in 2019?

The announcement of the new Azure exams at Inspire 2018 signalled the beginning of a complete overhaul of the Microsoft exam and certification structure. We have entered a world of role-based certs as opposed to product based certs - and the ones we worked so hard to get, such as Office 365, will be retired soon. Of course, there is still a little time left if you want to get these for posterity.