European Teams User Group becomes Teams Nation Monthly Meetup

Last week, we announced that TeamsFest has become Teams Nation. We also announced that we will be going ahead on Wednesday 26th May 2021 for the next event. Thank you so much for all the support you have given us as we take the next steps on our journey. We already have a few ideas, and are already in pre-planning discussions about the day itself

In light of these developments, we felt it was a good time to pull the trigger on a change to our user group. The European Teams User Group (ETUG) which ran TeamsFest has been around since January 2019, hosted over 40 speakers (typically 2 a month) and has given many of these speakers opportunities to develop their speaking skills on the way to other events, and, in some cases, on the way to their MVP award. It is something we are still incredibly passionate about. For us it’s so important to keep active from a grassroots perspective, to hear new perspectives, to develop new relationships, and to bring the knowledge of Microsoft Teams and it’s underlying technologies to the people who most need it

So with all this in mind, we are also renaming the European Teams User Group to Teams Nation Monthly Meetup

With this name change, we wanted to bring the regular monthly meetups in line with the bi-annual event and create explicit links between them as we move forward and continue to grow. Previously, the User Group and Teamsfest were quire separate and the relationship between them wasn’t really clear for attendees of either. Secondly, similar to how we chose Teams Nation, we wanted to pivot and embrace the whole community and felt that anchoring a name to a geography just feels outdated. Whilst we are all proud Europeans and our principle audience will always be Europe given our respective time zones, we didn’t want attendees outside of it – of which there is a growing number, to feel excluded. Thirdly, bringing the bi-annual event and the monthly meetup together under Teams Nation means we can pool resources and manage them better. Since we started back in 2019 our lives have got significantly busier which has meant, from an ongoing management perspective, we need to do a bit of streamlining and remove unnecessary complexity

So to announce

  • Our new Teams Nation Twitter account will be the single Twitter account for both the bi-annual event and the monthly meetups. Our old European Teams User Group twitter account will be phased out over time
  • The new Teams Nation Monthly meetups will now be run from Meetup which you can join today for free. All meetups will remain free
  • If you want to speak at a monthly meetup the process of completing a form remains exactly the same although the URL has now changed to
  • All the videos from the Teams Nation Events and the monthly meetups will continue to be posted on our YouTube site which has also been rebranded. We would recommend to subscribe in order to keep up date

Over the coming months we’ll be making more changes, we’ll keep on refining, and joining things up

Look forward to seeing you at the meetup!

Best, Chris, Adam, Vesku & Chris