Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Catching up on the the latest YouTube videos with Power Automate, Lists and Teams

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Written: 29/01/2021 | Updated: N/A

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about video. I did quite a few blogs on Teams and Stream last year and I did a few sessions on how they worked together on the circuit – but with the transition to modern Stream I’m very much waiting for the new experience; when we start seeing features like the web client, when podcasts and portals emerge. All in good time even though moving the TMR’s to SPO/ODB I badly need the use of the trim – and I still have the urge to talk about video. You see, I watch a lot of video. I love the medium, and so doing a few blogs recently on power automate and approval scenarios with Lists and Teams, I also had an idea for a new blog involving video. The idea is that I constantly struggle with time. With responsibilities for work, family and community I often miss quality content that goes by on great channels like Microsoft Mechanics. So I thought what if I could put this into a List which updates and I can work through that. Surfacing it in the Team could be quite valuable

This blog will cover

  • Building the flow to connect YouTube with Lists and surface in Teams

It will also show how the List can be kept clean with automation


  • Office 365/Microsoft 365 licence, with SharePoint, Teams and Power Automate enabled
  • Permissions to add the Lists App within the Team
  • Google Account for YouTube (to connect to YouTube in Power Automate)


1.) Ok, we are going to start out with the Team and the List built. This List has been built and created in Teams, in a channel called catch up viewing. The List is really simple – two columns of single line text, one called video (replacing title) and one called date. The third column is a hyperlink column called Link

2.) In Power Automate select New Flow (Top Right)

3.) Select Create from Blank

4.) Search for and select When a Video is uploaded by a channel (trigger)

5.) Sign in with your YouTube Login

6.) Get the Channel ID from the YouTube Channel URL

7.) Add it to the Trigger. Select Add New Step

8.) Search for and Select Create Item

9.) Complete the fields adding the Team/Site the List is in and the List Name. The columns you created in the List should show. In the Title field, add the dynamic content Video Summary Title. In the Date field add the dynamic content Video Summary Published Date-Time and in the Link field add the dynamic content Video Web Link. Once done select Add New Step

10.) So at this point I get the videos into my List but I don’t want them hanging around forever so they need to be cleaned after a period of time. Search for and select delay

11.) Add the time to the delay to next action. Here is shown as 15 minutes for demo purposes but you would probably set it at several days. Once done select Add New Step

12.) Search for and select Delete Item

13.) Complete the fields adding the Team/Site the List is in and the List Name. In the field for Id add dynamic content ID. Once done select Save

14.) Check the flow with Flow Checker

15.) Let’s test this! In my YouTube channel I upload and publish a Video

16.) It’s written to my List in Teams. Links work fine and open a new tab to start playing

17.) After 15 minutes, the video has been removed from the List in order to clean it up

Nice. You can spin up several flows to make the List richer with content from several YouTube channels

On demand content from great channels like Mechanics right to your List in Teams – and automating the cleaning of the clutter