Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Disabling Add Shortcut to OneDrive

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Written: 11/04/2022 | Updated: N/A

You know, I have this good mate online. His name is Phil Worrell, and the thing about Phil is he is quite possibly the greatest ever community member who has yet to win a ring. He’s like the Charles Barkley of the Microsoft Community. He should be an MVP. I think so. They should give it to him on merit because it would be the right thing to do. Because he’s great technically but also I know for sure he’s supported many MVP’s over the years. He’s supported me well before I was one over social. Now I first met Phil back at SharePoint Saturday London in 2019 before the pandemic when things were still in person. That was the one where I sat in Karoliina Kettukari’s session and asked questions – and she didn’t know who I was even though I knew one day she’d speak at my conference. I had a full on conversation with Daniel Laskewitz and Rick Van Rousselt and Dan had absolutely no clue who I was (Rick did he wanted to go drinking :D). And Chirag, my good friend Chirag! I didn’t know him then, nor Edyta nor Marijn, nor Liz Sundet or Hans Brender. If only I went there now, right? But Phil? Phil literally shouted ‘Hey Chris’ across the hall and we had a catch up – presumably on Teams but it could have been very much along the lines of ‘what the hell you doing back in the UK Phil, you live in Switzerland‘. Phil is a community guy through and through. He’s one of the good ones. He’ll champion your cause and then some. He’s like John Wynne. So this one is for Phil. I promised it for him today on Twitter in a moment of weakness 😀

Let’s go.

This blog will cover

  • Where does Add Shortcut to OneDrive appear in Teams?
  • How do we disable it
  • How do we re-enable it
  • FAQ


  • Teams and SharePoint Licence (Within Microsoft 365 Licence)
  • Team Ownership or permissions to add apps to a Team
  • App Permission Policy with SharePoint App permitted
  • SharePoint PowerShell Module
  • SharePoint or Global Admin Permissions, and Teams Admin depending on config


At the time of writing Add Shortcut to OneDrive does not yet appear in a Team ‘naturally’, as in not in the Files Tab when a Team is first deployed. This example below explicitly shows this for a new Team which has been deployed without any modification

However, if you select Open in SharePoint within the File Tab it’ll appear on the document library in SPO.

But you can get it to show in Teams. Let’s for example copy that SPO URL

In Teams, let’s go to a channel – for example general – and select + to add a new app

Let’s search for and select SharePoint

Let’s select Any SharePoint Site, add the SPO URL and select Save

Now Add shortcut to OneDrive appears in Teams itself via the SharePoint App

Now, doing this on the team I used in my last blog in which I blocked folder creation and Office Client Availability in both the library settings and the site settings – if I add a library to that team using the process above, Add Shortcut to OneDrive can still be seen. So to confirm Phil blocking in the last blog did not block the Add Shortcut to OneDrive functionality. As shown below here I created a second document library in the underlying SPO site which has blocks and pulled through to the Team using the SPO App. It still showed and functioned as normal.


This isn’t in the advanced settings of the library. It’s not in the Site Settings or SPO Admin. So we have to turn to PowerShell

1.) Go to and download the SPO PowerShell Module

2.) Open the file

3.) Accept the terms then Install

4.) Once installed select Finish

5.) Search for and run PowerShell as an Administrator

6.) Connect to the SPO Service

Connect-SPOService -Url

7.) Authenticate with admin credentials (and go through MFA if required)

8.) Now add the command and hit enter

Set-SPOTenant -DisableAddShortcutsToOneDrive $True

9.) The command completes. A warning is provided that users in the org will no longer be able to add new shortcuts to their OneDrive. Existing shortcuts remain functional.

10.) This can be ratified with


Where DisableAddToOneDrive is shown as True

11.) After about 15 – 20 minutes (at least upon testing) Add Shortcut to OneDrive no longer appears in SharePoint

12.) Nor in Teams for any sites pulled through the SharePoint App

Our job here is done 😀


With PowerShell using the command

Set-SPOTenant -DisableAddShortcutsToOneDrive $False


Q. So Add Shortcut to OneDrive is a tenant wide setting? It can’t be more granular?
A. At the time of writing it’s tenant wide on or off. It cannot go more granular. You disable it and it’ll disable in all SPO Sites and Teams if you have pulled through libraries using the SPO App

Q. Is there any plans to make this more granular?
A. Unknown

Q. I should be fine in Teams if staff don’t use the SharePoint App
A. Add Shortcut to OneDrive doesn’t appear on the default files tab of a channel. Users will see it if they go to the underlying SharePoint Site. They will see it if they pull through a library using the SharePoint App

Q. Does the Document Library App have this functionality too?
A. Not upon testing

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