Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Disabling Add Shortcut to OneDrive

You know, I have this good mate online. His name is Phil Worrell, and the thing about Phil is he is quite possibly the greatest ever community member who has yet to win a ring. He's like the Charles Barkley of the Microsoft Community. He should be an MVP. I think so. They should give it to him on merit because it would be the right thing to do. Because he's great technically but also I know for sure he's supported many MVP's over the years. He's supported me well before I was one over social. Now I first met Phil back at SharePoint Saturday London in 2019 before the pandemic when things were still in person. That was the one where I sat in Karoliina Kettukari's session and asked questions - and she didn't know who I was even though I knew one day she'd speak at my conference. I had a full on conversation with Daniel Laskewitz and Rick Van Rousselt and Dan had absolutely no clue who I was (Rick did he wanted to go drinking :D). And Chirag, my good friend Chirag! I didn't know him then, nor Edyta nor Marijn, nor Liz Sundet or Hans Brender. If only I went there now, right? But Phil? Phil literally shouted 'Hey Chris' across the hall and we had a catch up - presumably on Teams but it could have been very much along the lines of 'what the hell you doing back in the UK Phil, you live in Switzerland'. Phil is a community guy through and through. He's one of the good ones. He'll champion your cause and then some. He's like John Wynne. So this one is for Phil. I promised it for him today on Twitter in a moment of weakness 😀