Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Meeting Join with an ID

There are many ways that we can join meetings in Teams. We can join a scheduled Teams meeting straight out of the Calendar App. We can join it via the calendar booking in Outlook which many of us tend to do. We can join a channel meeting one-click in the channel itself or we can even generate a join link for an ad-hoc meeting or get the link right off of the meeting card again in the calendar app. The latest way? We can now join scheduled and channel meetings using a Meeting ID and passcode. Now, there isn't a great deal to go through here, and whilst ID and passcode sounds like it should be for security, it is only another alternative way to join a meeting. Meeting security is enforced by things like the lobby, and roles, and settings not this latest functionality, and there may be some which see it as a concern given it cannot - at the time of writing - be disabled. However, it may serve in situations such as providing 100 people with access to the meeting without adding 100 to the meeting invite, or spinning it up on SharePoint. Imagine having a kind of 'personal' meeting room for yourself with a defined meeting ID and Passcode.