Teams Real Simple with Pictures – Managing Entry and Exit Announcements in Conference Calls

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Written: 24/07/2019 | Updated: N/A

We’ve probably all had it happen to us at some point. The booking for the conference went smoothly. We are on time. The headset is working. Coffee in hand. No Windows or Office Updates. Good. Good. Then we enter the meeting and start introductions when a synthetic voice plays a few sections later announcing that we have joined the meeting – right over the top of us speaking. Seconds typically pass thereafter in awkward silence. In calls with a larger number of speakers jitter is the last thing on ones mind as the opening and closing of conversations is shot through with announcements. It’s also carnage when attendees are dropping out and rejoining the meeting – particularly when they are driving and going under tunnels and bridges. Good thing there is an easy remedy to all this should we so choose. It really is surprising how many admins don’t realize they have the ability to manage entry and exit announcements and can rectify it within the space of less than 10 minutes.


  • To enhance the flow of conference calls
  • To prevent disruption within conference calls


The following is required

  • Teams Licence
  • Audio Conference Licence on a tenant user
  • Any Admin Permission set that gives the admin access to the Teams Admin Centre

Usually, a Teams licence will come within an Office 365 licence. The Audio Conference licence is an add on. Tenant users cannot change this setting so its necessary for an admin to make the change.


1.) Login to the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre by entering admin credentials and select Sign In


2.) Select Admin


3.) In the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre on the left menu select Show All to view all admin centres, then select Teams


4.) Select Meetings Conference Bridges


5.) Select Bridge Settings


6.) Under Meeting Entry and Exit Notifications either change Names and Phone Numbers to Tones or swipe the slider off to completely turn it off.. Once complete, select Save




Our job here is done. The next conference call should be friction free on entry and exit and all you should have to worry about is turning up and remembering the coffee.