Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Accessing all of your Teams files through a single channel

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Written: 21/06/2020 | Updated: N/A

If you are like me, then you are always looking at ways to do things quicker or make things easier – and working with files in Teams is no exception. Now, as a rule of thumb and being a minimalist at heart I only ever keep a maximum of three Teams visible at any one time, but one of the drawbacks of this approach is that I often get asked to upload, amend or co-author content in Teams, or channels of Teams which I have hidden or rarely use, and since I am a member of over four dozen Teams it takes me an unnecessary amount time to locate it and do the upload or the amendment. Now, I don’t know when exactly this functionality dropped into GA – I can’t remember seeing it on the Microsoft 365 roadmap or the Message centre, but you can now attach cloud storage to channels. This means that you can add all of the SharePoint file structure of every Team you are a part of to a single channel which can short circuit much of the previous effort involved. This includes Private Channels


  • Quick, centralised access to files across Teams
  • Easy way to access and work on files in multiple Teams when most Teams are hidden or not often used


Users need Teams and SharePoint licences – usually via Office/Microsoft 365 licences


1.) In Teams, choose the Team, then choose the channel that you want to access your whole file structure through, then select Files. Here, this example will use the general channel in the Team Power Platform Admin


2.) Select Add Cloud Storage


3.) Select SharePoint


4.) Under relevant sites, select the first site to add and then select Next


5.) Select the Documents folder and then select Next


6.) Select Add Folder


7.) The files for the team you selected are now visible and accessible in the channel you specified through a linked folder (as shown here where the linked folder for CIE 1 is visible and accessible through the Power Platform Admin General Channel)


8.) However, all of the document sites for all of your Teams that you may want to access through your channel may not appear under Relevant sites. For example, a Team that I have access to called Video does not appear under the relevant sites


9.) Easy way around this – select the team, then the general channel, select files and then Open in SharePoint


10.) Get the URL of the document site from the browser


11.) Return to the channel and then select Add Cloud Storage, select SharePoint and then select Use a SharePoint Link. Add the URL here then select Go which should locate the document site. Select Next


12.) Select Documents then Next


13.) Select Add Folder


14.) Rinse and repeat for all other sites not under relevant sites – and private channels since they are separate document sites too. Soon you should have all document libraries under one files tab in a single channel


15.) An optional step is to pin the channel for easy access, by right clicking on the channel and select Pin



Our job here is done

I don’t have to go into any Team again to look for or work on a document, as I have access to all of the files through a channel of a Team I actually work out of on a regular basis

Real simple


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